15 goods modeled after the cute traditional kokeshi doll

In Japan, especially in the Tohoku region, the wood-carved dolls called kokeshi have been sold since time immemorial as a traditional handicraft. Lately those same kokeshi have been appearing on various items and are very popular among kokeshi fans. Here are some cute kokeshi items that you can buy as souvenirs.



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In Japan, there is a traditional wooden doll called "kokeshi."


Kokeshi is a type of traditional wooden doll, and while there are many theories as to the doll's origin, no one is completely sure.

Originally, kokeshi dolls were mostly sold as a traditional handicraft, but lately thanks to the increase in people who like them, many adorable goods with kokeshi motifs have gone on sale.

Here are 15 items that use the traditional and adorable kokeshi dolls as motifs.

1. Masking tape

You can find masking tape with kokeshi designs that range from colorful and cute to tasteful and refined.

2. Kokeshi handkerchief

This handkerchief has lots of colorful, cute kokeshi dolls printed on it.

3. Kokeshi letter set

The different patterns on the kokeshi's kimono is one of the points of this cute stationery set.

4. Kokeshi origami

In Japan, there are many types of origami to make colorful shapes out of square pieces of paper. This set allows you to make a kokeshi doll.

5. Kokeshi phone strap


This phone strap is basically a miniature kokeshi doll that you can attach to your phone.

6. Kokeshi greeting card

This kokeshi greeting card has a design that's perfect to send to someone who likes retro or vintage styles.

7. Kokeshi money envelope

In Japan, during New Year's, there's a custom for adults to give children money called "otoshidama".

Otoshidama is put in these small money envelopes, called "pochibukuro," before being handed to the children.

This pochibukuro has a vintage-style kokeshi on it.

8. Kokeshi pitcher

This unique pitcher has a lid where the handle is a kokeshi.

9. Kokeshi notebook

This kokeshi notebook would be a good souvenir. 

10. Kokeshi postcards

This retro, refined kokeshi postcard is an excellent souvenir for someone who loves Japan!

11.  Kokeshi hand towels

In ancient Japan, instead of towels, people used what is called a "tenugui," a long thin cloth.

Even today you can find lots of tenugui with cute patterns for sale.

Among all those tenugui, here is one that has a somewhat different, rather unique kokeshi pattern.

12. Kokeshi necklace

This small kokeshi wood carving was made into a necklace. If you bought this in Japan and wore it in your home country, you'd probably get some attention.

13. Kokeshi masking tape cutter

This is a unique kokeshi masking tape cutter. Even if you just keep it on your desk without using it, it will make your workspace cute.

14. Kokeshi bell

If you press the kokeshi, the bell will chime. 

If you go into a store that has this unique bell, you'd want to ring it even without thinking about it.

15. Kokeshi pen

If you use this wood-carved kokeshi pen, you might get people asking you about it if you use it in public.


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