15 Chain Restaurants and Coffee Shops to Enjoy Japan's Morning Set

If you look for decent option to start your day instead of foods picked up at convenience stores or huge buffet-style served at hotels, you should consider morning set at chain restaurants or coffee shops. Here introduced is reasonable Western-style breakfast to satisfy your appetite.

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1. Beck's Coffee (Coffee Shop)


Beck's Coffee is a coffee shop chain run by JR East, a railway company, and their shops can be easily found at the JR stations in Kanto region including Tokyo. Their morning set is served for 400-500yen. Convenient in terms of location and price range, this place is recommended for those who prefer quick breakfast before departure. The Açaí bowl might attract health-conscious people. The morning set is available until 11:00 am.

HP: www.jefb.co.jp/becks/menu/13 (Japanese Only)

2. Doutor (Coffee Shop)

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Doutor Coffee started as the coffee beans wholesaler in Tokyo. They offer a cup of coffee using their stock roasted in their factory. The morning set including toasted sandwiches or hot dogs accompanied by coffee or English tea is priced for about 400yen. Located in the business district in cities across Japan, it is recommended for quick breakfast. Morning menu is available until 10:30 am.

HP: www.doutor.co.jp/dcs/menu/list/morning.html (Japanese Only)

3. Hoshino Coffee (Coffee Shop)


Hoshino Coffee is newly developing coffee shop chain across Japan which features hand-dripped coffee. The regular morning set is served in Nagoya style: every drink (400yen ~) is served with a half toast and a boiled egg. Other morning menu such as Salad Morning Set for 500yen and French Morning Set for 600yen are also available. Recommended for those who prefer relaxing breakfast in comfortable seating.

HP: www.hoshinocoffee.com/ (Japanese Only)

4. KOHIKAN (Coffee Shop)


KOHIKAN is run by one of Japan's biggest coffee beans wholesaler, UCC. Their shops are mainly located in the downtown of big cities and offer wide variety of coffee. A cup of coffee is served with a toast, salad and fried egg for additional 160 yen. Or mix sandwich is available for 160 yen as well. You can enjoy breakfast for about 600-700 yen. Morning set is served until 11 am.

HP: www.kohikan.jp/regular_menu/r_morning.html (Japanese Only)

5. Komeda Coffee (Coffee Shop)


Nagoya originated Komeda Coffee is a pioneer who spread Nagoya style morning set. Every drink is served with a half toast and a boiled egg, egg paste or anko until 11:00 am. Home-roasted coffee bean is their specialty but they offer wide varieties of drink in size and in arrangement as well. Their shops normally located not close to the station, but the spacious shop offers relaxing atmosphere with comfortable seating.

HP: www.komeda.co.jp/menu/morning.html (Japanese Only)

6. PRONTO (Coffee Shop)


PRONTO is a casual coffee shop conveniently located in downtown. Service hours and menu varies by shop, but they offer reasonable breakfast for a 500 yen coin. Among various sets, the regular plate consists of a toast, a boiled egg, and a salad accompanied with coffee or English tea. At the most expensive, vitamin salad & cheese omelet with a toast and a drink is priced for 490 yen. It’s a good place for quick breakfast.

HP: www.pronto.co.jp/ (Japanese Only)

7. ST-MARC CAFE (Coffee Shop)



ST-MARC CAFÉ features freshly baked breads and you can find their shops in big cities. The basic morning set costing from about 300yen includes coffee or tea, and bread. Choco croissant is popular among their regular customers. Some shops offer other drinks such as orange juice as well. Though the menu, price and serving hours change by shop, it is a convenient option for those who love various type of unique breads popular in Japan.

HP: www.saint-marc-hd.com/cafe/ (Japanese Only)

8. Tully's (Coffee Shop)


Tully's is a Seattle originated coffee shop which you can find in business district of city area. They offer two types of set prices: one with drink from 520yen and another with drink and yogurt from 770yen. The set drink is basically coffee though you can order cafe latté or 100% fresh juice with additional payment.

9. Ueshima Coffee (Coffee Shop)

Ueshima Coffee is run by the coffee specialty company, UCC, as well as KOHIKAN. At the shop with the name of company's founder, Ueshima, they serve hand dripped coffee. Thick toast and a cup of coffee costs 450yen and other dishes including salad or yogurt is priced about 650yen. Morning set is available until 11:00 at relaxing atmosphere.

HP: www.ueshima-coffee-ten.jp/food/?category=morning-set (Japanese Only)

10. COCOS (Family Restaurant)


Cocos cannot be easily found nearby station in most cases. But this is a good place if you love big breakfast or freshly baked bread. Morning set consists of all-you-can-eat and drink buffet for about 750 (weekdays) -850yen (holidays). They offer instore baked breads, salad, and other side dishes which change daily both in Western and Japanese style. The price, menu and serving hours change by shop.

HP: www.cocos-jpn.co.jp/menu/morning/morning_viking.html (Japanese Only)

11. GUSTO (Family Restaurant)


Gusto is one of the most popular family restaurant chain that you can easily find in many cities. They offer about 10 western-style dishes for approximately 300-600yen, which come with drink buffet and the soup of the day. Morning set is available until 10:30 am and the price and menu varies by shop and region.

HP: www.skylark.co.jp/gusto/menu/morning.html (Japanese Only)

12. Royal Host (Family Restaurant)



The morning set at Royal Host might not sound cheap as it is priced around 500-900yen. What attracts its customers is their wide range of set menu served until 11:00 am. The western-style plates only have around 10 variations including cooked eggs in various ways. Morning set includes drink buffet and is good to satisfy all kinds of appetite from small to big. Price and menu differs by shop.

13. First Kitchen (Fast Food Chain)


First Kitchen is a fast food chain with the shops spread in the mainland. During morning hour until 10:00 am, you can add drink for 100yen and drink& hush brown potato for 160yen if you order a breakfast menu such as hamburgers, salad or soup. It costs around 500yen in total.

HP: www.first-kitchen.co.jp/ (Japanese Only)

14. Freshness Burger (Fast Food Chain)


Freshness Burger is a Japanese hamburger chain found in big cities in the mainland. It is renowned for high quality hand crafted dishes prepared with domestic vegetables. Morning set of a burger and a drink costs under 500yen and you can order yummy soup instead of drink with additional 70yen. Their regular menu such as thick fried potato and fresh instore-squeezed juice is a must-try as well. Breakfast is served until 11:00 am. They serve one by one and definitely are not for people in a hurry.

HP: www.freshnessburger.co.jp/menu/morning.html (Japanese Only)

15. MOS Burger (Fast Food Chain)


MOS Burger is an authentic Japanese hamburger chain established in 1972 to satisfy Japanese palate. They use fresh and quality ingredients including some vegetables directly from designated domestic farmers. Morning set of a hamburger and a drink is served for about 400- 600yen until 10:30 am. If you prefer light breakfast, a set of rye bread and soup at 360yen is recommended. Not for people who are in hurry as they prepare your order after it is placed

HP: mos.jp/ (Japanese Only)

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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