15 Beer Gardens in Tokyo to Escape from the Summer Heat

There are different types of beer gardens in Tokyo to help you beat the summer heat from rooftop ones that come with a great view to cafe ones and unique ones on cruise ships!


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1. Sky Beer Garden at Hilton Tokyo

In summer, Hilton Tokyo in Shinjuku uses its private terrace on the 7th floor to have an outdoor beer garden. While you have a glass of cold beer, you'll get to enjoy the metropolitan view of Nishi Shinjuku with it's towering skyscrapers, from all angles. You can also come here on your own as there are seats prepared for solo patrons. Plus, we are not kidding when we say that here you can also bring your dogs in cause there are special seats prepared for patrons who thought of having some beer while they were walking their pet dog around the area.

HP: www.hiltontokyo.jp/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 6-62 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, 160-0023 Tokyo (Google Map)

2. Sky Beer Garden Terrase at Tokyo Sankei Building

Mention "sky" in the summer and most working people here in Tokyo would think of the beer garden at Tokyo Sankei Building's 4th floor terrace. Although the humidity in Tokyo is unbearable, the terrace here offers a cooling outdoor space and a great view of the office buildings in Tokyo. If you have been here before, do come back again this year because every year, this beer garden comes up with different themes. For example in 2014 as it was the World Cup season, they featured Brazilian food. This year, the theme will be all about picnic and a little birdie told us that patrons will be served food and drinks in picnic baskets. 

HP: sankeikaikan.co.jp/news/1305/ (Japanese Only)

Address:  1-7-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda Ward, 100-0004 Tokyo (Google Map)

3. BBQ & BEER TERRACE 130 Day's at Shinjuku Lumine EST

This open space beer garden is on the 9th floor of one of Shinjuku's popular fashion store, Lumine EST, Shinjuku. The interior of this store is chic as it was first created to attract more female and young patrons. Walk right in and you'll notice that the furniture is mainly made of wood and there are many organic decorations. The food served here is perfect for those who are health-conscious and there are more than just beer served here. You definitely don't have to worry about calories when you come here to enjoy the summer in Tokyo with the upbeat music playing in the background. 

HP: www.tsuchiura-hanabi.jp/ (Japanese Only)

Address: Rooftop Lumine EST Shinjuku, 3-38-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo (Google Map)

4. Mori no Beer Garden at Jingu Gaien

This is probably the one beer garden that is truly located in a garden. Jingu Gaien's Mori no Garden offers not only yummy BBQ, all-you-can-drink courses and mouth-watering dishes, it's surrounded by lush green that you might not expect in Tokyo City. The open air space makes it a perfect family outing on weekends during lunch. 

HP: mbg.rkfs.co.jp/ (Japanese Only)

Address: Within the children's park in Meiji Jingu Gaien, 14-13 Kasumigaoka-machi, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo (Google Map)

5. Garden Islands Beer Restaurant at Tokyo Prince Hotel

This beer garden is located at the front terrace of Tokyo Prince Hotel, which is right next to the famous Zojo-ji Temple. Tall luscious trees surround the area, creating a green oasis for this beer garden right in the middle of the city. You'll get to see Tokyo Tower from here too while you enjoy some BBQ and bottomless drinks. 

HP: www.princehotels.co.jp/tokyo/restaurant/contents/beergarden/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 3-3-1 Shiba Park, Minato Ward,  105-8560 Tokyo (Google Map)

6. Tokyo Sanuki Club at Azabujuban 

Psst. We'll let you in on a secret. Azabujuban actually has a beer garden. Just by the word "Sanuki" in the name of the place, you might think they only serve udon dishes but it isn't so! The menu is just as rich and appetizing as any other beer garden that you can find in Tokyo! Hidden among the residential area of Azabujuban, you truly get to relax in its comfortable atmosphere after a long hectic day. Come here for its Sanuki udon, big appetizer plates and its all-you-can-drink courses. 

HP: www.sanuki-club.com/archives/624/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 1-11-9 Mita, Minato Ward, 108-0073 Tokyo (Google Map)

7. Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro

The alfresco cafe style here would make you think that you are sipping on a glass of beer on the streets of Paris. This place is a famous hangout for foreigners too. Here they serve more than 60 types of beer and their menu offers all sorts of dishes from all over the world! 

HP: www.sakura-cafe.asia/ikebukuro/index.php (Japanese Only)

Address: 1st Floor, Sakura Hotel, 2-39-10 Ikebukuro, Toshima Ward, 171-0014 Tokyo (Google Map)

8. Thrush Cafe at Happo-en

Shirokane is like the Beverly Hills of Japan, where all the rich and famous are, and here there is a beautiful garden called Happo-en. It is not a public park but a restaurant that caters to daily patrons and wedding ceremonies. During summer, the cafe here is turned into a beer garden and fondly referred to as Beer Terrace.  So on hot summer days, people would head over here and have a glass of Asahi Extra Cold or Gotemba Kogen Beer. But don't just come here for the beer, come and savor their dishes that use fresh ingredients. This beer garden would be the place to be if you want to enjoy summer like the rich and famous.  

HP: www.happo-en.com/restaurant/thrushcafe/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 1-1-1 Shirokanedai, Minato Ward, 108-8631 Tokyo (Google Map)

9. Virgin Café at Nishi Azabu

Nishi Azabu is another area that most celebrities frequent in Tokyo. You'll also bump into many foreigners here. At the ground floor of one of the hotels here, lies the very chic cafe, Virgin Cafe. The summer beer festival here is popular and their stone-grilled pizza makes a great starter. The chic atmosphere, prices and dishes here are popular among female patrons. 

HP: virgincafe.jp/?p=440 (Japanese Only)

Address: 1-11-6 Nishi Azabu, Minato Ward, 106-0031 Tokyo (Google Map)

10. Beer Garden at Ueno Seiyoken

Cookie M/Flickr

We recommend you to step foot into this beer garden if you are looking for a place with a great night view. Seiyoken has been around for a long time serving the community with really yummy Western cuisine. During summer, they'll hold a beer garden on their rooftop at the 5th floor. This rooftop beer garden may not be as high as previously mentioned rooftop gardens but since there are no buildings around it, you'll get to take it an expansive view of the famous Ueno Park and the tall skyscrapers in the center of Tokyo. 

HP: www.seiyoken.co.jp/c/index.php/archives/news/3063 (Japanese Only)

Address: 4-58 Ueno Park, Taito Ward, Tokyo (Google Map)

11. Sky Beer Garden at Restaurant Luke with Sky Lounge

There is another beer garden with a great night view in the city center as it is on the 47th floor of a skyscraper, located between the famous Tsukiji and Sumidagawa River. This is the highest beer garden in the city. It truly deserves to be called a Sky Beer Garden as it is located so high up. You'll get to enjoy viewing the modern Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower from here. Since it is super popular, we would recommend you to make your reservations first before coming! 

HP: www.restaurant-luke.com/restaurant.html (Japanese Only)

Address: 8-1 Akashi-cho, Chuo Ward, 104-0044 Tokyo (Google Map)

12. Keio Asahi Sky Beer Garden at Keio Department Store, Shinjuku

This beer garden on the rooftop of Keio Department Store, Shinjuku may not be located on the highest floor but the space is not blocked by any signboards at all, so you'll get to have a clear view of Shinjuku at night! This is one of the many beer gardens, where people would flock to, not only for their yummy 500 yen-ish dishes but also for the night view. 

HP: info.keionet.com/shinjuku/event/beergarden.html (Japanese Only)

Address: 1-1-4 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, 160-8321 Tokyo (Google Map)

13. Symphony Tokyo Bay Cruise Ship

淳平 筈井/Flickr

How about a different type of beer garden experience with the Symphony Tokyo Bay cruise ship? Yes, we are talking about boarding a ship from the Hinode Passenger Terminal near Hamamatsucho. The ship will then take you around the famous Rainbow Bridge, the bay near Haneda Airport and Tokyo Disney Land and Gate Bridge. The route also provides a great view of Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree. Plus, you'll be able to see the sky lit up with fireworks! The cruise offers a few dining choices from formal dining to a more relaxed and casual drinks course. If you are looking to have a private affair, there are also party rooms that you could rent on the ship.    

HP: www.symphony-cruise.co.jp/index.php (Japanese Only)

14. Tokyo Bay Noryosen

Tokyo Bay Noryosen is an affordable option for those who would like to enjoy some beer while cruising along Tokyo Bay. The ship will bring you from Takeshibasanbashi to the bay near Haneda Airport. They accept walk-ins or you could call up to reserve their private rooms if you would like have a celebration with your family and friends. Since it is super popular, be ready to expect crowds of people on the ship. 

HP: www.nouryousen.jp/ (Japanese Only)

15. Beer Garden on Vingt et Un

Drink beer in summer with style with your family and friends with this cruise ship option. Vingt et Un is  cruise ship that you rent and it fits 15 passengers. We recommend the ever so popular dinner cruise. This is definitely the way to celebrate summer with your friends on the deck of this beautiful ship. 

HP: www.vantean.co.jp/restaurant/tabid/106/plid/15/rid/7/Default.aspx (Japanese Only)

You can now beat the summer heat in Tokyo with the beer garden options above! Each beer garden offers a different experience that caters to different needs. You'll also have fun beer-garden hopping!  

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