14 Must-Buy Souvenirs in Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is more than a station: it’s a huge complex of commercial facilities inside and outside of ticket gates. We picked out 14 items to be on your souvenir list to help you with your shopping without being lost wondering what to buy on the way to your next destination.

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Tokyo Banana is one of the most popular souvenirs from Tokyo. In addition to their standard ‘Miitsuketa,’ which consist of soft sponge cake and banana flavored custard cream, they have wide range of flavors and patterns. They cost 515 yen for four pieces. You can find them at several shops on the first floor in Tokyo Station such as Gift Garden close to the Yaesu south exit, or Select Market close to the Marunouchi central.

HP: www.tokyobanana.jp/ (Japanese Only)

2. YOKU MOKU: Tokyo Honey Sugar

Tokyo Honey Sugar is the limited edition at Tokyo Station produced by YOKU MOKU, a confectionery well-known for its Cigare butter cookies. They use honey to enrich this crispy beehive-patterned waffle which has been getting popularity after its release in 2013. It has ranked high in Tokyo Station souvenir rankings. A box of 6 pieces is sold for 594 yen. Sold on the first floor in Tokyo Meihinkans close to the south or central exit.

HP: www.yokumoku.co.jp/en/products/ (Japanese Only)

3. Maple Butter Cookie

All the sweets made by MAPLE MANIA use a generous amount of maple syrup from Canada. Maple Butter Cookies consist of buttery white chocolate sandwiched between crispy cookies. If you love maple syrup, you should drop in at the MAPLE MANIA store located inside of ticket gates in Gransta Dining on the first floor. A box of 9 pieces costs 950 yen. They also sell other treats such as financiers and baumkuchens.

HP: themaplemania.jp/ (Japanese Only)

4. Tokyo Campanella


Tokyo Campanella is a three layered langue de chat cookie put togetherwith chocolate. These carefully manufactured layers give special textures to the cookies: crispy yet melt-in-your-mouth. You can find them at two shops on the first floor: Meihinkan located inside of ticket gates and close to the shinkansen south transit gate, and Gift Garden near the Marunouchi south exit. A box of five pieces costs 618 yen.

HP: tokyo-campanella.com/en/

HP: tokyo-campanella.com/tc/ (中文)

5. Awaya So-bey: Eki Monaka

Awaya Sobey is an old Japanese sweet shop from Tokyo. Their limited version sold in Tokyo Station is a monaka in the shape of the station itself. The recipe of monaka is simple: azuki bean paste sandwiched between two mochi-rice wafers. If you love Japanese delicacies, why not try this unique shaped sweet? You can buy from a piece for 260 yen at the store located inside of ticket gates in Gransta Dining on the first floor.

HP: www.so-bey.com/item.html (Japanese Only)

6. Fumiu: Edo Musubisen

Tokyo FUMIU is a brand designed to be sold in Tokyo Station by a Japanese traditional confectioner in Tokyo. They focus on using ingredients which were used in the Edo period in Edo (Tokyo) as much as possible. Their senbei, or baked rice crackers, are flavored with three ingredients from the region: salt from Izu Oshima island, as well as soy sauce and miso from local manufacturers. This authentic Japan-made savory treat should make a good souvenir. You can buy them at Tokyo Meihinkan close to the south exit on the first floor, at the cost of 1080 yen for a pack of 18 pieces.

HP: sanshu.com/english/

7. Nishikihorin: Karinto

Karinto was originally a sweet and crunchy fried rice cracker. Nihonbashi Nishikihorin developed karinto into more than just a sweet snack. The flavors you can find at the shop include black sugar, purple yam, vegetable, and so on. They offer seasonal or store-limited flavors flavors such as salt and yuzu peel, or olive and cheese. You can buy them in packs starting at 340 yen. Why not try varieties of karinto? The shop is located inside ticket gate, in the Gransta on the basement floor.

HP: www.nishikihorin.com/shop/gransta/ (Japanese Only)

8. Almonds & Almond chocolates made in Glico-ya Kitchen

For who looking for more popular souvenirs, there is Tokyo Okashi Land in front of the Yaesu central ticket gate in the First Avenue Tokyo Station on the first basement floor. At Glico-ya kitchen run by Ezaki Glico, you can buy roasted almonds and almond chocolate freshly made in the side kitchen. Fried almonds are also recommended. These are available only in Tokyo Station. A pack of roasted almonds are sold for 400 yen.

HP: www.ezaki-glico.net/glicoya/kitchen_tokyo.html (Japanese Only)

9. Glico-ya limited products

You can find other limited products in Glico-ya: 27 cm long Collon sticks 27cm and Giant Pocky in various flavors, including Rainbow Pocky, as well as jars of chocolate or caramel cream, and more. Collectibls or not, you will surely enjoy shopping in Glico-ya.

HP: www.ezaki-glico.net/glicoya/kitchen_tokyo.html (Japanese Only)

10. Choco Balls

At Morinaga no Okashina Okashiya-san in Tokyo Okashi Land (B1F), you can buy Tokyo limited versions and Tokyo Station editions of Chocoballs. What will catch your eyes in the shop are the big boxes of Chocoballs. The Tokyo limited box sold for 1,080 yen contains 30 small bags of Chocoballs in three flavors. The big box of Uji Matcha (green tea) flavored Chocoballs is also available. There are other items such as assortments of Morinaga products in adorable packages with Kyoro-chan. The good thing is that you can buy those for affordable prices.

HP: www.morinaga.co.jp/okashiya/index_en.html#tokyo

HP: www.morinaga.co.jp/okashiya/index_tw.html (中文)

11. Jagariko Chiiki no Aji Series

At Calbee Plus run by Calbee in Tokyo Okashi Land (B1F), you can find the assortment of eight regionally limited flavors of Jagariko: curry flavor from Tokyo, takoyaki flavor from Kansai, zunda (sweet edamame paste) from Tohoku, and so on. A box, illustrated with Tokyo Station, of 8 bags costs 840 yen. As they sell separate bags for 105 yen as well, you can buy some for yourself, too.

HP: www.calbee.co.jp/calbeeplus/ (Japanese Only)

12. The Station Master Pikachu

Next to the Tokyo Okashi Land, you will find Tokyo Character Street in the basement where many character item stores are gathered. From animation to TV characters, you will find many popular Japanese characters here. If you love cute things, this place should be on your must-visit list. The Pokemon Store would be one of them. The limited edition here is the station master Pikachu. Stuffed toys or printed items with the Tokyo Station marks will make nice souvenirs from Tokyo Station.

13. Hello Kitty items

There is also a Hello Kitty shop in Tokyo Character Street. She is very popular world- wide. They sell a wide variety of Hello Kitty items including some rarities and Tokyo Station limited versions such as mini towels and others. Why not drop by the shop to have a look?

14. Character goods in Kabuki versions

Kabukiya Honpo, run by Kabuki promoter Shochiku, is also part of Tokyo Character Street. You can find not just Kabuki related items such as tenugui towels, they also sell collaboration items. Does Snoopy in Kabuki or sumo wrestler costumes sound interesting to you? Then you can find stuffed toys and keychains in the shop. Even if you are not interested in character items, this shop is worth visiting as you will find traditional Japanese products for practical use.

HP: kabukiyahonpo.com/ (Japanese Only)

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