13 Japanese Souvenirs You Can Buy On A Tight Budget

Here are 13 suggestions of souvenirs when you're on a tight budget. Some adultery content included.



Souvenirs can be expensive, especially in a country like Japan where prices in general are high. The usual fans and kokeshi's are nice, but why not try out these 13 relatively cheap Japanese souvenirs?

Note - you can save quite a bit of money by shopping at stores like 100 yen stores (Daie, Can★Do etc.) or Don Quijote! Products are generally cheaper there!

1. Cosmetics

Please refer to my previous make-up stores for information on brands, but I highly recommend Can Make. The containers are cute, they're quite good quality and the prices are low. 

2. Magazines

Magazines won't cost more than 900 yen, but are full of glossy pictures. They are great at starting up conversations about cultural comparison with your home country's magazines. 

3. Chopstick holders

Chopstick holders are usually sold in individually or in 5 piece sets. Unless you buy them from a department store, they're pretty affordable and adorable. 

4. Masking Tape

Chie Gondo/Flickr

Masking tape is a half transparent tape used for practical and decorative purposes. They come in different colors, patterns and sizes. Perfect for souvenirs. Prices range from 150~300 yen.

5. Stationary

Everyday stationary brands such line MONO and Tombo are high in quality and cheap. Interesting stationary, such as in the picture below, are often sold at big stores like Tokyu Hands or in LOFT in Tokyo. 


6. Chocolate

I very highly recommend buying Meiji's milk chocolate (which is only 108 yen for a bar!!! 108 yen!!!) for chocolate souvenirs. It's cheap and is the best chocolate at this price. It's not too sweet or too bitter, milky but not persistent, and the packaging is pretty. 

7. Pocket Tissue Papers

I highly recommend the Hana Celeb series for pocket tissues. Not only their packaging is cute, but the tissue itself is the softest tissue paper you've probably ever touched. Great for people who have allergies or a runny nose. 

8. Toilet Paper

Need I say more after this image? Toilet paper with printed characters on it. In most cases, they're a little expensive for toilet paper, but perfect for a surprise.

9. Disposable Masks

During the cold season, a lot of people wear disposable masks, even though they're not seriously sick. This has lead to the creation of masks lightly sceneted with herbs, or masks in colors other than white, and masks with printed images on them. 

Now here on are the adult souvenirs...

10. Pads

This isn't an adult product, but it isn't exactly for kids. Personally, I love trying out pads in the country. In Japan, I was mostly surprised how much attention they put in the packaging of the pads (printed images, such as stars or flowers), and how thin they were. If you know a woman whom you're comfortable enough giving pads to, don't miss the chance. Trust me, they'll be delighted. 

11. Condoms

Condoms, specifically Sagami Original, would be a good souvenir. Sagami Original is famous for their condoms, being 0.01 mm thin. Wow.

12. Lube

The 'traditional' lube is Japan is probably Pepe Lotion, as shown in the image above. 

13. Pocket Tenga

Tenga is a company famous for making sex sleeves. The Pocket Tenga is a disposable and highly fashionable sex sleeve. A definite must-buy.


The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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