13 Beauty Face Masks You Can Buy At Donki (Don Quijote)

Donki, or Don Quijote, is the king of stores in Japan for their huge selection of affordable goods. Their beauty collection is especially impressive! Here are 13 beauty face masks sold at Donki stores all over the country!

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1. Hada Fukkura Mask (肌ふっくらマスク)


Hada Fukkura Mask, made by Clear Turn (クリアターン), is effective against dry skin and small creases in the skin. It has 50 masks for the price of 1300 yen! 

2. Oedo Art Mask (お江戸アートマスク)

Oedo Art Mask, made by Pure Smile, is not your usual face mask. Of course it's full of beauty essence - 27 ml - but you can become a samurai, a Japanese princess, or a oiran just by wearing them! The patterns and colors on the mask turn your face into these different personas. They also have doggy & kitty masks, special make-up masks, masquerade masks, and Japanese masks. Great for souvenirs!

3. Gold Essence Mask (ゴールドエッセンスマスク)


Gold Essence Mask, made by Pure5, will surely catch your eye with their gorgeous gold packaging. This mask is filled with rich gold essence and 3 types of hyaluronic acid. It will leave your skin moisturized and firm. In one package comes 10 masks for the price of 540 yen.

4. LuLuLun (ルルルン)



LuLuLun's brand concept is to offer expensive beauty ingredients to every woman at a reasonable price. 3 different types of face masks come in cute packaging. 7 masks are sold for the price of 300 yen! You can also buy larger portions at their official website here in Japanese. 

5. White Mask (ホワイトマスク)


White Mask, made by Clear Turn, offers 3 types of masks according to what kind of result you want with your skin. If you want firm skin, choose CO, which has collagen in it. If you want moisturized beautiful skin, choose HA, which has hyaluronic acid in it. If you want white skin, choose VC, which has vitamin C. 5 sheets for the price of 498 yen.

6. Daily Mask (デイリーマスク)


Daily Mask comes in 3 different cute packagings. You can use this mask according to your skin problems: creases, acne, and whitening of the skin. It is 1300 yen for 30 sheets. 

7. Essence Mask

Essence Mask, made by Pure Smile, comes in many different types. Germanium, Platinum, Gold, Noni, Acai Berry, Avocado Milk, Peach Milk, Maccha Milk, Strawberry Milk, Milk, Jellyfish, Bee Poison, Snake Poison, Euglena, Snail, Fragrant Olive, Red Wine, White Rose, Onshu Orange, Honey Apple, Pineapple, Sakura, Sunflower, Olive, Peach, Soybean Isoflavone, Acerola, Pearl, Royal Jelly, Vitamin, Aloe, Seaweed, Strawberry, Pomegranate, Rose, and Lemon! All of these masks are 96 yen for one sheet.

8. Point Pad Masks (ポイントパッドマスク)


Point Pad Masks, made by Pure Smile, aren't full face sheet masks. They're circled masks to place on your skin where you are experiencing particular trouble. These masks come in many cute designs, such as doughnuts, strawberries, flowers, kiwi, and so on. You can get them at 96 yen for 10 sheets. 

9. Yogurt Series Essence Mask (ヨーグルトシリーズエッセンスマスク)


Yogurt Series Essence Mask, made by Pure Smile, comes in 4 different types: mixed fruit, white grape, strawberry and plain. The moisturizing ingredient inside the yogurt will keep your skin clear! 103 yen for one sheet. 

10. Essential Sheet Mask (エッセンシャルシートマスク)

Essential Sheet Mask, made by MISSHA, comes in 6 different types: deep sea water, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, multi-vida, coenzyme Q10, platinum and collagen. They contain one bottle's worth of concentrated beauty essence, and will leave your skin supple and firm. 411 yen per sheet. 

11. 2 Step Mask (2ステップマスク)


2 Step Mask, made by Pure Smile, uses Serum and Essence - 2 steps to moisturize your skin. They come in 5 different types: placenta, bee poison, coenzyme Q10, snake poison, and snail. Comes at the price of 115 yen per sheet.

12. Snail Face Mask (かたつむりフェイスマスク)


Snail Face Mask you say? Yes, the gooey substance that snails secrete is said to be great to keep your skin moisturized. This mask has snail essence, muchin, collagen, and chondrotin to keep your skin supple. 45 masks at the price of 1008 yen.

13. CHOOSY Lip Pack (チューシーリップパック)


CHOOSY Lip Pack, made by Pure Smile,  isn't a full face mask. It's a mask especially made for your lips! It comes in 10 different types: gold pearl, black pearl, purple pearl, white pearl, pink pearl, herb, fruits, honey, milk and peach. 1 mask for the price of 103 yen. 

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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