12 Spots You Shouldn't Miss in Nikko

This article will show you some of the best places within the Nikko area. We definitely recommend that you try to make time for these places. You'll never get them anywhere else.


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1. Irohazaka


Iroha Slope or locally referred to as Irohazaka is a series of steep slopes and curves along the Japan National Route 120, towards Lake Chuzenji. Altogether there are 48 curves in total along the inbound and outbound route and that is why this slope is named Iroha as Iroha in Japan refers to a poem that contains all 48 characters of the Japanese syllabary once. But yes, if you plan to drive along this route during winter, do be careful. It can be a very slippery slope.

2. Akechidaira Ropeway

This ropeway was built as part of a facility for the Akechidaira Panorama Rest House. Whether you are taking it to head to the observatory deck or coming back down, you'll be getting splendid aerial views of the area like the majestic waterfall at Lake Chuzenji and if you look clearly, you might be able to see wild monkeys swinging from tree to tree.  

Address : 7 Hosoomachi, Nikko City 321-1445, Tochigi Prefecture


3. Lake Chuzenji

 elminium from Ageo-city/Wikimedia Commons

Well, now that we are in Nikko, we mustn't miss out on coming to Japan's highest lake, Lake Chuzenji. Come and take a walk on the Senjugahama shore to enjoy the greenery but do know that you are not allowed to drive your car onto the beach.

Address : 2-31-5 Kitazawa, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo


4. Kegon Falls

Orbixx/Wikimesia Commons

Kegon Falls are one of Japan's three great waterfalls. From the car park, right after you hop off the elevator, there is an observatory deck. Of course you can catch a glimpse of the falls from the car park without having to pay to head to the observatory deck but we definitely recommend you to experience the full force and grandeur of the falls from the deck. 

Address : 2479-2 Chugushi, Nikko City 321-1661, Tochigi Prefecture


5. Nikko Natural Science Museum

Wally Gobetz/Flickr

This is where you can come for an educational experience to learn more about the geography and the flora and fauna in Nikko. There are all sorts of interactive exhibitions, presentations and a big 20m wide screen that plays educational clips that are suitable for both children and adults. 

Address : 2480-1 Chugushi, Nikko City 321-1661, Tochigi Prefecture〒321-1661 


6. Nikko Tosho-gu

Fg2/Wikimedia Commons

It is no wonder why 8 of the structures within the compound here are recognized as national treasures as the craftsmanship shown in the design and architecture of the buildings here are simply gorgeous. There is also the five-story pagoda here that makes one of the 34 important cultural properties here. This is definitely a spot for those who enjoy temple architecture. 

Address : 2301 Sannai, Nikko City 321-1431, Tochigi Prefecture


7. Nikko Chaya

This shop is famous for using precious ice formed naturally in Nikko for their shaved ice desserts!  So you can expect their shaved ice desserts here to be top quality. The ice truly holds a different texture and we are not pulling your leg. Put a spoonful of their shaved ice into your mouth and you will straightaway notice that the ice actually feels soft and fluffy. You must come here yourself to experience this and not to worry, the shop is open all year round for you to enjoy shaved ice desserts regardless of the season. 

Address : 253 Matsubaracho, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture


8. Uoyou

Step into this soba restaurant to have some really good handmade soba noodles and udon made with the freshwater from within the area and served with fresh vegetables harvested locally. Here, you will also get to have fresh yuba from a famous shop called Fujiya. Just order their famous and popular Yuba Soba dish! There's a lot of effort and love put in preparing the noodles because they really do make it from scratch starting grinding the grains for flour. Complete your soba noodles with a glass of locally brewed beer or wine. 

Address : 593 Gokomachi, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture


9. Ryuzu Falls Ryuzu no Chaya

The scene here at Ryuzu Falls is breathtaking. There are two waterfalls at a height of 200m falling with a big boulder between them. You can catch the beautiful scene from the shop, Ryuzu no Chaya, where you can enjoy the sounds and scene of the falls over a bowl of  soup, soba noodles, mochi and other yummy food.

Address : 2485 Chugushi, Nikko Citty, Tochigi Prefecture


10. Senjogahara

Even though the name of this place means "battlefield", this isn't exactly an area where a historical battlefield actually took place. It refers to a mythical one instead. The fields span out around a marsh with rolling hills behind. You'll be able to catch all sorts of flora and fauna there.  Take a stroll here and if you are here during dusk, you would be amazed with how bright the stars here shine at night. 

Address : Chugushi, Nikko City 321-1661, Tochigi Prefecture


11.  Okunikko Yumoto Onsen

This old onsen area is one onsen facility that will bring you closer to nature with no modern or glitzy facilities or attractions. Many would come here for their foot baths. In winter, their ski lodge will be in business and the compound is decorated with 800 ice sculptures. At night during the Snow Festival, there are lit up igloos. 

Address : 2548 Yumoto, Nikko City 321-1662, Tochigi Prefecture


12. EDO WONDERLAND Nikko Edomura

For all fans of samurai and ninja, this is the place for you! Your hearts will be racing after you've gone through the ticketing area as there are many things to do from samurai and ninja attractions and costume services in this theme park designed to resemble the good old days during the Edo period. 

Address : 470-2 Karakua, Nikko City 321-2524, Tochigi Prefecture


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