12 Japanese Hotels Sure to Take You By Surprise

Japan is full of hotels that are overflowing with originality. All of them were created with the vision and attention to detail by the owners. Here are 12 unique hotels in Japan that you should consider staying in on your trip!



There are a huge number of hotels in Japan, and among them there are hotels that are overflowing with originality. However, all of these hotels are packed full of the owner's fastidiousness and attention to detail. Here are 12 unique Japanese hotels you should consider staying in on your trip!

1. Sweet Grass (スウィートグラス) -Gunma

This inn was built on a huge campground spanning close to 99000 square meters at the foot of Mt. Asama. The highlight of this inn is the tree house. This wooden tree house is very popular with children, but of course adults get excited about it as well.

1990 Kitakaruizawa Naganohara-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma

http://sweetgrass.jp/ (Only in Japanese)

2. Genshimura (原始村) -Yamanashi

This is a lodging area where you can experience living the way they did in primeval times. You can stay in either the pit version or the cave version of the dwellings of the ancient period of the Jomon era, something that was impossible until this hotel was built. Just the experience of staying there feels like an event so it's very enjoyable. Unfortunately, currently it's closed for a period of time, so people who are interested please check up on them periodically to see when they re-open!

1970 Shirasawa Kosuge, Kitatsuru District, Yamanashi

3. Winbell Magic (ウインベルマジック) -Hyogo

Hotel Winbell Magic is a hotel that will make you feel like you've been completely submerged in the world of the Little Mermaid. There's even a clamshell bed that's lit using black lights! The staff leads you to your room in a theatrical manner so it's a fun hotel for couples.

4 Chome-2-15 Minatocho Hyogo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

http://www.hotel-winbell.com/ (Only in Japanese)

4. Tore Tore Village (とれとれヴィレッジ) -Wakayama

Tore Tore Village, a hotel overflowing with uniqueness due to the fact that no room is the same, will make you feel like you've come to your own personal holiday villa. If you stay in the round dome house, it'll become even more of a stand-out memory than if you stayed in a regular hotel!

2498-1 Katata Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama

http://www.toretore-village.com/ (Only in Japanese)

5. Villa Santorini (ヴィラ・サントリーニ) -Kochi

The Villa Santorini, a resort that completely looks like a villa on the coast of the Aegean Sea, is actually a hotel that takes the blessings of the ocean by Kochi prefecture. Surely in this luxurious space the beautiful collaboration between the sea and the sky will make guests feel relaxed.

599-6 Usachoryu Tosa-shi, Kochi

http://www.villa-santorini.com/ (Only in Japanese)

6. Hoshino Resorts Tomamu (星野リゾート トマム) -Hokkaido

MIKI Yoshihito/Flickr

These twin towers suddenly appear in the middle of the forest. Those towers are Hoshino Resorts Tomamu Hotel. If you stay there, what you absolutely have to check out is the sea of clouds ("unkai"). If you ride a gondola and head to the Unkai Terrace, you can see the superb view of the clouds flowing from the Hidaka mountain range.

Nakatomamu Shimukappu, Yufutsu District, Hokkaido


7. Sukayu Onsen (酸ヶ湯温泉) -Aomori

It's not trendy nor modern, but the Sukayu Onsen is a recommended place to stay for anyone who wants to experience Japanese culture. It's a hot spring hotel that has more than 300 years of history. Its most famous bath, the Hiba Sennin Furo, named for its structure (cypress leaves) and scale is so large you really will wonder if it can hold a thousand people.

Minami-Arakawayama, Arakawa, Aomori

http://www.sukayu.jp/Tops/ (Only in Japanese)

8. Lamp no Yado - Aoni Onsen (ランプの宿 青荷温泉) -Aomori

Just like the name implies, this ryokan isn't lit brightly but rather just uses lamps to light the rooms. In this gentle light you can break away from your everyday stress and properly take a break. The staff are very energetic and nice so that's another reason for its popularity.

1-7 Aonisawa Takinoue, Okiura, Kuroishi, Aomori


9. Hakone Ginyu (箱根吟遊) -Kanagawa

If you want a hotel that's popular for the Asian aesthetic, then try Hakone Ginyu. It's so popular that they rarely have open spots, but their charm point is how closely they stick to that aesthetic. Everything down to the room locks and lighting fixtures were made specifically for this hotel. This is definitely a hotel for someone who wants to be immersed in the aesthetics of the Orient.

100-1 Miyanoshita, Ashigarashimo-gun, Hakone-machi, Kanagawa

http://www.hakoneginyu.co.jp/ (Only in Japanese)

10. Niki Club (二期倶楽部) -Tochigi

Niki Club was made to look like a luxurious holiday villa, and it delivers a stay where you're completely surrounded by nature. Here in the deep forests of Mt. Nasu, you can resuscitate both your body and soul. You can enjoy the starry night sky fom the terrace where it looks like the the stars are coming down around you. 

2301 Takakuotsu, Nasu-gun, Nasu-machi, Tochigi


11. Nara Hotel (奈良ホテル) -Nara

Hiroyuki Naito/Flickr

The Nara Hotel has catered to guests like Einstein and the Dalai Lama. The main building was built in 1909 and is still a gallant piece of architecture that's going strong. If you want a top class space that's rich in history, this is where you should go. 

1096 Takabatakecho, Nara


12. Hamilton Ureshino (ハミルトン宇礼志野) -Saga

Hamilton Ureshino is a rare hotel for Japan in that it's built on top of a hill. It was created with the theme that it should feel like your second home, so everything it offers was created with thoroughness. The nostalgic facade is very popular with foreign tourists.

Ko-288-1 Ureshinomachi Oaza Iwayagawachi, Ureshino, Saga

http://www.hamilton-ureshino.jp/ (Only in Japanese)


All of these hotels are perfect for people who want to have a completely unique experience on their trip to Japan. Stay at these places for some precious memories!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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