All you need to know about the greatest stationery store in Japan! Ginza Itoya

Specialized in stationery, Itoya located in Ginza has many customers from around Japan to all over the world everyday. The entire building is like a fashionable stationery theme park. We will introduce the very cool store to visit when coming to Tokyo, Itoya!

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Why not SHARE your travel memories at Itoya?


The newly renovated space, SHARE is on the 2nd floor. You can find an array of items all related to letter writing including letter sets, envelopes, postcards, glass pens, and stickers. The theme of this floor is "Write & Post". Why not find your favorite postcard and write a message to your loved one? Near the window is a table with chairs and writing utensils so you can write your message even if you do not have a pen with you. After you are done writing, affix Itoya's original stamp, put it in the cute-looking mailbox on the same floor, and you are done! Your message will be delivered from SHARE.

Find your favorite pen at Pen & Ink Bar

On the 3rd floor are writing utensils on display that will surely improve your desk environment. There are as many as 1,200 types of writing utensils. You can try all of them out. The design of writing utensils is important but how easy the pen can write is also important. Itoya is a store that has all of these in mind. Why not purchase several pens as souvenirs for your coworkers or you can choose your favorite pen and make it as a souvenir for yourself.

Glass Pens

Recently, the popularity of glass pens are on the rise. The fineness and its beautiful color and shape is eye-catching. When you try writing with it, you will be surprised at how smooth it flows that is hard to imagine from the hard glass. The ink of glass pens can easily be removed with water so you can enjoy many different colors of ink. You will surely enjoy writing with this pen. It is also cool to have several colors of ink and change the colors depending on the mood.

Create your one and only notebook in the world at Note Couture

At MEETING on the 4th floor, you can create your very own original notebook. Simply choose the paper, cover, and design and the staff will create your original notebook in front of your eyes. From several hundred yen, you can order the notebook haute couture or "note couture". Isn't that fancy?

The notebook of your color with COLOR CHART

COLOR CHART is one of Itoya's original brands. Since the item is something that is used daily, you want to choose your favorite color. That is the concept of this brand. The name and the beautiful colors will surely catch your heart. You can express individuality by picking two colors that represent you. The timeless design will settle into your lifestyle. The leather that is used is hard on scratches and does not change color.

Goods that will change how you TRAVEL

When you hear the word, "travel" you may think of trips but commuting to work, shopping, and going to school are all categorized into TRAVEL. This floor has a lineup of goods that will help you spend your commute time more pleasant and convenient. From bags for work that has special functions, high quality leather items, to cases that store digital devices with style, a careful selection of items are on display. You will surely find items that will make traveling more fun.

Items that make your TRAVEL more pleasant

Itoya's other brand, CONTRAIL will make your travel experience more pleasant and functional. For example, the camera bag offer functional storage for your camera, lenses, and filming equipment. There is a magnet in the opening so you can be ready to photograph quickly. You will be able to open the bag with one hand, making you good to go without hassle. A waterproof material is used so it will protect your valuables.

Home inside of stationery?

This store focuses on stationery so it may be surprising to see household items on sale on this floor. Yes, this is the place to find items that will make housework more enjoyable. The theme is "From organizing items to organizing memories". Displays are divided into dining, kitchen, bathroom, living, and terrace themes and show actual lifestyle scenes. It is easier to develop an image and imagine your house than just looking at the items. As the theme suggests, "organizing memories" there is a photo book service available. Not only at the office but being surrounded by your favorite items at home will create a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy your time.

Let's go look at the art of paper colors

As soon as you enter the 7th floor, the display of paper organized by the color patterns will catch your attention. This floor offers paper collaborated by the TAKEO Co., Ltd. Mihoncho Honten and Itoya. There are over 1,000 varieties. You will find the paper that is perfect for your needs and color. A full-time concierge is on duty so don't be afraid to ask for their advice first. There isn't any other store that specializes in paper as here. Your passion for crafts may be sparked if you come here.

The voyage to the world of crafts starts here

On this floor is a collection of wrapping paper from all around the world and other related materials. You may be overwhelmed with the colorful wrapping paper that is lined up from the floor to the ceiling. Wrapping is art. When giving presents to your loved one, wrapping is something worth putting the effort. In the store, there is a corner that offers an original wrapping service so ask for their advice. One piece of paper will transform into wrapping that exceeds your imagination. Both the receiver and the present giver will be excited with a special wrapping.

Polish your sense

The first thing you will see when entering Itoya is greeting cards with colorful designs. Called SENSE, this floor offers cards that express the seasons.

Take a break at Stylo Cafe when you are tired with shopping


When you become hungry or want a coffee break in the middle of shopping, head to the Café&Restaurant Stylo on the 12th floor. It is rare to find a cafe inside a stationery store but there is something unique here at Itoya. That is the vegetables served at the cafe are all grown on the 11th floor FARM by hydroponics here at Ginza. The theme of this cafe is "comfort & charge". Salad and comfort food that is carefully selected recharges energy used from shopping.


HP: (Japanese Only)

Address:2-7-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Google Map)

A place you want to make many visits is the cool Ginza Itoya!

Ginza Itoya is full of attraction points. Once you enter the store, you will be drawn into its good sense. It is a place you want to spend a lot of time at.

To access Itoya, get off at Tokyo Metro Ginza Station, take the A13 exit and walk about 100 meters or a few minute-walk along the Ginza Dori in the direction of Matsuya. The big red paper clip is the mark.

Hours of Operation:
Mondays through Saturdays: 10:00-20:00
Sundays & Holidays: 10:00-19:00 (only 12F Café is open until 22:00。Last call 21:00)


HP: (Japanese Only)

Address:2-7-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Google Map)

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