[Half Year Ranking 2018] Top 100-yen Instant Curries and Instant Rice From Lawson Store 100

Most of the items sold at Lawson Store 100 may go for just 100 yen (plus tax), but the quality of these goods is high. The list of top sellers for the first half of 2018 has now been revealed! What are the most popular instant curry pouches and instant rice packets? Read on to find out!



What's Lawson Store 100?

Run by Lawson Store 100 Inc., Lawson Store 100 is a store where most of the products are sold for just 100 yen (plus tax). As of March 2018, it currently has 804 stores nationwide. Of these products, the ones from their house brand, VL (Value Line), enjoy high popularity.

Top 10 Original Instant Curries From Lawson Store 100 (Jan - May 2018 Ranking)

1. VL Large Curry Medium Hot (300 g)

108 yen

At 300 g, this is a really generous portion of curry. People love how substantial the potatoes in the curry are. This is a super popular item, of which 60,000 - 70,000 packets are sold every month!

2. VL Large Curry Spicy (300 g)

108 yen

In the popular Tokumori (Large) product series, this is the spicy curry.

3. VL Large Curry Mild (300 g)

108 yen

This delicious curry has a low level of spice, giving it a mild taste.

4. VL Large Curry Extra Spicy (300 g)

108 yen

A generous amount of spice is added to create the exciting spicy taste of this curry!

5. VL Stamina Curry (200 g)

108 yen

This pork bone-based curry is topped with fried garlic and grated garlic to give it an invigorating taste.

6. VL Black Curry (180 g)

108 yen

The rich taste of coconut milk combined with roasted garlic and grated garlic creates a curry flavor that really packs a punch!

7. VL Rich Taste Cheese Curry (200 g)

108 yen

Onions, garlic, and a host of other vegetables form the base of this curry. Fond de veau (brown stock) and chicken bouillon is then added to make this curry extra rich with flavor.

8. VL Rich Taste Beef Curry (200 g)

108 yen

This beef curry is made with a base of onions, garlic, and other vegetables. Fond de veau is also added, giving it even more flavor.

9. VL Keema Curry (130 g)

108 yen

Cardamon is used to add a kick to this curry's flavor. Its refreshing taste is quite addictive.

10. VL Vegetable Curry (180 g)

108 yen

With 17 different kinds of vegetables in this curry, it's packed with delicious flavors that can impress anyone.

As you can see, the VL Tokumori curry series is overwhelmingly popular. Not only do the curries in this line come in generous 300 g portions, but they are available in 4 different levels of spiciness, letting people pick something that suits their palates.

*Please note that all of the curries are made with pork.

Top 3 Original Instant Rice Packets From Lawson Store 100 (Jan - May 2018 Ranking)

1. VL Large Rice (300 g)

108 yen

2. VL Large Soft Rice (300 g)

108 yen

3. VL Twin Pack Rice (150 g x2)

108 yen

How Are They Able to Offer These Products For Just 100 Yen?

These low prices are possible because Lawson Store 100 makes a guarantee to each factory regarding the volume of goods that they will order each year. It's a plus for these domestic manufacturers as well, as the large orders enable them to achieve efficiency in the overall production process. Thanks to these large and scheduled orders, Lawson Store 100 is able to produce high-quality products that can be sold for just 100 yen (108 yen with tax), allowing customers to get great meals at low prices!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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