10 Websites you must check for Exchange Students in Japan

How to go there, study and survive as a ryugakusei (exchange student).


Things to Do

1. Surviving in Japan



The blog Surviving in Japan isn't just a blog, it's basically a how-to guide on how to do ANYTHING in Japan. It's not just "how to use the train," it's actually important things like finding toothpaste, haircare, going to the doctor and buying feminine products. This site is not just for ryugakusei but for any expat who lives in Japan.

Whether you're new, still learning Japanese, or even an experienced Japan resident, Surviving in Japan covers common problems expats and travelers face in Japan, but goes one step further to provide unique how-tos and uncommon resources you won't find anywhere else.


2. The Japan Times Guide to Studying in Japan



The Japan Times is an English-language newspaper based in Japan which has an English list of Japanese colleges and universities where you can study. There is also a graduate school search and a way to search by area. The site has testimonials from students, detailed information about each school and the ability to request information if you are interested.

3. Japan Study Support





This site is jointly run by The Asian Students Cultural Association and Benesse Corporation. It is a wealth of information from the general inquiries of studying in Japan to scholarships to finding jobs.

4. Study Abroad Student Handbook - Japan

Internet research is one of the easiest ways to find more information about Japan. The Center for Global Education compiled a condensed list of information and helpful Internet resources on Japan for students considering study abroad. In creating this site, the Center's goals are to help educate and inform students so that they can enjoy a safe and healthy time in Japan. Students are encouraged to read through the information on Japan, and visit other recommended sites provided in each section.


This handbook, created by the Center for Global Education, is focused not only on introducing Japan and study abroad programs to students but also on how to be safe as an expat while living in the country. There are sections on how international laws apply to foreigners, crisis management and health and safety issues.

5. Japanese Language School Database


This database provides detailed information about more than 400 Japanese language schools in Japan, includes Japanese language schools, institutes, universities, colleges, junior colleges, and vocational schools which offer Japanese language courses for non-Japanese speakers. It includes school names, information on courses, tuition, admission, and other helpful data.




Each school profile in the database includes student demographics, a breakdown of tuition fees and the admissions process.

6-8. Blogs

Blogs are an in-depth, informative way to learn about the experience of living in another country, especially as a foreign exchange student. Some programs and scholarships, such as the Gilman International Scholarship, require that students document their experiences through a blog. The links below are a sampling of some blogs of students who have been ryugakusei in Japan.

9. study.gaijinpot.com



GaijinPot is a popular forum for expats living in Japan to gather and discuss and ask questions about life in Japan. This particular subset of GaijinPot, study.gaijinpot.com, is new and focuses on introducing schools as well as providing study guides about Japan.

10. University Study Abroad Centers



If you are enrolled in a college, university or graduate school, chances are there will be a study abroad office to help you find a program, figure out finances and scholarships and give you an orientation on living and studying in Japan. Below is a sampling of some universities' study abroad centers.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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