10 unique and compelling Japanese stationery items

Check out these 10 strange and unconventional stationery products that were developed in Japan.




[1] Bamboo ruler masking tape 

This masking tape is made with the pattern of Japan's traditional bamboo ruler.

It has the charm of being both traditional and modern, but it's also a priceless tool to people who regularly sew or DIY in their daily lives. It's so popular in Japan that as of September 2014, there is a shortage of stock to keep up with the demand.


[2] Mackerel pencil case

This pencil case was made in the perfect image of that dish Japanese people love, grilled mackerel.

The outside looks like fresh mackerel. If you open it to see the inside, it's a perfectly grilled, juicy mackerel.

If you use this, you'll be able to grab the hearts of even the shyest Japanese person (maybe).


[3] Sakura hole punch

Japanese people love cherry blossoms, but they only bloom in the spring.

What if you could always have cherry blossom petals dance in your office all year round...?

If you use this to make decorations, it won't just be the cherry blossoms that will bloom, but also the smiles on your co-workers face.

You should try using the cherry blossom punch with different colored papers.


[4] Heart Sutra stamp

Hand-writing and chanting the Heart Sutra every day is a tough mission..for people who think that, the Heart Sutra samp was born.

If you use this once a day, you'll be able to experience the mystery of Buddhism easily just by stamping these 265 vertical characters.。

Maybe you can even use it in a fashionable DIY project...?


[5] One-size-fits-all book cover

These all-purpose book covers are made to be used on books of all sizes.

This product is also popular among Japanese book store employees, who always offer to cover books during check out, because they don't have to hunt for covers that fit each book.

Because there are so many designs and colors, you should buy one as a souvenir to bring back home.


 [6] Hayakeshi 3 (quick eraser 3)

This eraser was developed with the idea "if an eraser has three corners, it can erase 3x as fast!"

There are various opinions and reviews on the internet, so the only way to know what's true and what isn't is to try it out yourself.


[7] 500 colored pencil set 


 The idea of selling a colored pencil set containing 500 colors is an astounding one, and some of the names the colors were given are funny.

"Aphrodite's smile"

"Madame de Pompadour's smiling face"

"Aztec dahlia"

"Alps maiden"

And so on, until you think they were created by a girl in a daze. However...

"Dog drunk on winning a fight"

"Rafflesia's puzzle"

"Heartbreak's tira misu"

There are lots of other names that have unclear meanings.

There are 500 colors with names like this, so maybe you can go through it and see what the names are if you translate them into your own language.


[8] Straight notebook

This notebook is made using lines that aren't straight but rather on a diagonal.

It looks like a regular notebook's lines were printed on a diagonal.

This way people who already have a habit writing diagonally can easily write "straight".

It seems like it has high sales in Japan.


[9] Real label: tongue

When you look at this, don't you feel like it looks handmade by someone who is arrogant about its strange reality?

By the way, apparently the tongue used is the wife's of the product developer. Thanks...?


[10] Huge calculator

As you can see, it's a huge calculator. Unfortunately it seems most places are no longer selling the calculator of this size, but if you look around you might get lucky and find one in a Japanese resale shop.

This calculator allows you to do math and exercise your muscles at the same time, so if you have a chance to use it, you should definitely use it.




The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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