10 Spooky Halloween Treats You Can Only Buy in Japan

It's easy to get into the Halloween spirit in Japan, with its fun dress-up festivals and wealth of cute costumes, decorations, and foods to choose from. If you're in Japan in October, you shouldn't miss out on all the limited-time-only treats available for Halloween! In this article, we'll introduce our 10 picks for spooky Halloween treats from Japan, from humble pumpkin pie to elegant high tea!

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Baskin Robbins | Slime Magic Halloween

Baskin Robbins ice cream is famous worldwide, but in Japan they're pulling out all the stops this year for Halloween! The Slime Magic Halloween range is sure to charm kids and Halloween-loving adults alike.

With Halloween exclusive flavors like Orange Slime Lime, Midnight Apple, and Magical Mint-Night, and a huge range of adorable sundaes and shakes like the Fluffy Ghost Sundae pictured above, you might struggle with which one to pick!

If you really can't decide, why not get the whole range? The Slime Monster Box Sundae comes with ten scoops of ice cream flavors of your choosing, plus slime topping and an exclusive Halloween puzzle-style box.

Qu'il Fait Bon | Pumpkin Ghost Tart

If fall just isn't fall without pumpkin pie, you can get your fix in Japan! Qu'il Fait Bon's Ghost Pumpkin Tart is a perfect blend of seasonal pumpkin flavors with a festive Halloween motif. 

Made from rich pumpkin pudding and plenty of pumpkin-flavored cream plus caramel nuts for a fun, crunchy accent, this pie is finished with a ring of charming Halloween ghosts made from fresh cream. This seasonal exclusive, sure to be the highlight of any Halloween party, is available at Qu'il Fait Bon stores by the piece or whole from October 1st to October 31st.

Caramel Ghost House

It's Halloween year-round at Caramel Ghost House, a specialty caramel brand known for their playful, ghost-themed packaging designs. If you're a fan of all things spooky, you're sure to love all the designs here, but their limited-edition tin for 2019 is a must-see. You can keep the Halloween spirit alive year-round by reusing this adorable keepsake tin depicting a scene of a Halloween monster party.

Containing five Caramel Ghost House Caramel Chocolate Cookies and three Caramel Financiers, this tin makes a great Halloween gift for a friend, or just as a treat for yourself!

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Krispy Kreme | Monster Harvest in Monster Diner

Many people look forward to what designs Krispy Kreme will come up for Halloween, and this year they have not disappointed! Krispy Kreme Japan's Monster Harvest in Monster Diner series cleverly incorporates traditional Japanese autumn flavors into this year's cute Halloween doughnuts.

There are four designs to choose from this year. Pumpkin Jack is filled with a smooth, pumpkin custard cream with pumpkin seeds for an additively crunchy accent, while the bright red Apple Caramel Monster has a juicy tart glaze made from apple juice from Aomori Prefecture. The Black Cat Marron type has a chocolate glaze, crispy cracker ears, white chocolate eyes, and a rich, Japanese chestnut filling that all work together to create the perfect autumn treat. Finally, the Halloween Sprinkles version is glazed with yellow icing and sprinkled with pudding-flavored chocolate sprinkles in a mix of Halloween colors. 

You can get these doughnuts on their own or in boxes to share, and they'd be a great treat for a Halloween scary movie night!


The Prince Park Tower Tokyo | Halloween High Tea

If you're looking for something a little more luxurious, the Halloween High Tea served in the Prince Park Tower Tokyo's elegant Lobby Lounge is perfect to enjoy with a group of Halloween-loving friends.

This high tea menu was designed with the theme of a moonlit masquerade party, and each item is carefully crafted to be full of Halloween charm. The painstakingly crafted sweets include a blood red macaron, a crescent-moon cookie with dancing meringue ghosts, and a witch's hat that hides a spooky surprise underneath.

This special high tea comes with a range of picture-perfect Halloween treats, a Halloween cocktail, and an all-you-can-drink menu for two hours that includes options like wine, tea, and coffee.

Ginza Cosy Corner | Disney Halloween Collection

Ginza Cosy Corner is a popular chain of bakeries known for their adorable cakes and collaborations with major brands like Disney. True to form, their 2019 Halloween series' theme is a collaboration with Disney called Mickey & Friends Trick or Treat. This nine-piece Halloween collection features small cakes with original designs like a toffee-apple inspired Mickey Mouse cake, a candy-patterned Minnie cake, and an ice-cream shaped Donald Duck cake. This set would be sure make any child's Halloween extra special!

Two types of pudding cups are also available in jack-o'-lantern cups that come with adorable, vampire-costumed Mickey or Minnie Mouse toppers. The Mickey version has a rich, sweet pumpkin flavor with a crème anglaise sauce, while the Minnie version has a pure white, milk-flavored pudding layered with meringue and a berry sauce center.

Antenor | Halloween Collection

Originating from Kobe, Antenor is a well-known patisserie brand with branches all over Japan. Their Halloween series includes an eight-piece set of petits fours that would be perfect for any Halloween party! The set includes a variety of Japanese-style treats including taro-flavored Mont Blanc cakes, strawberry mousse, and pumpkin-filled petit choux pastries.

Three Halloween themed cakes are also available individually. The Pumpkin and Chestnut Shortcake combines two popular autumn flavors with a black cat motif. The Halloween Rare Cheese cake combines a fresh cream cheese mousse and a tart strawberry mousse, which are covered in a soft, ghost-shaped mochi-style covering. Finally, the Taro Mont Blanc is made from chocolate almond cake topped with sweet potato and covered in fresh, purple taro-flavored cream. 

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Butter Pancake | Flavor of Autumn Toasted Halloween Pancake

Thick, fluffy souffle pancakes have become a real trend in Japan that has spread worldwide via social media in recent years. If you want to try these supremely Instagram-worthy pancakes out for yourself while in Japan, try visiting Butter for their limited-edition Flavor of Autumn Caramelized Halloween Pancakes. 

These pancakes have a crisp, caramelized top that creates a delicious contrast with their fluffy texture and are decorated with Halloween characters made from ingredients like pumpkin pound cake and taro cream. Toppings include some unique touches like pumpkin chips, candied sweet potato and chestnut, all of which give a taste of Japan's classic seasonal flavors.

Aman Hotel Tokyo | Halloween Afternoon Tea

You couldn't ask for a more stylish Halloween celebration than the Halloween Afternoon Tea served at The Lounge by Aman. Located in the Aman Hotel Tokyo, resident Executive Pastry Chef Yoshihisa Miyagawa has crafted a cute and spooky range of desserts, all served from an exclusive jewelry box brought to your table to select from.

The afternoon tea includes ghost-themed treats made with the season's fresh ingredients, including the chestnut Mont Blanc cake, sweet potato tarts, and cookies with delicate ghosts and bat designs. Finally, a special surprise waits for you in the center of the chocolate bomb served at the top of your tiered tea tray.

Atenor Ginza Boutique | Ginza Butter-Sand

Atenor Ginza Boutique is a Tokyo sub-branch of the Kobe patisserie Atenor that was mentioned earlier. Based around the concept of "sweets hand-made with love", Atenor's Ginza Boutique's signature Ginza Butter Sand cookies are available in a special Halloween flavor from September 19th, 2019. 

Made with two crispy almond sable biscuits and a pumpkin buttercream filling, these butter sandwich cookies are also topped with candied pumpkin and salted pumpkin seeds. They're finished with a jack-o'-lantern design that's both stylish and cute, and their elegant packaging means that these would make a wonderful Tokyo souvenir!

Enjoy Halloween in Japan!

Whether you feel like choosing the perfect costume and joining in on one of Japan's Halloween street parties, or just prefer to eat your way through all the limited edition treats on offer, you're sure to have an amazing time in Japan in autumn! 

Now that you know what foods to keep your eyes out for, check out our guide to the 13 best Halloween spots in Japan! We cover everything from the events at Disneyland to all the major street festivals in Tokyo, so you'll be left with no questions at all about how to spend Halloween in Japan.

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