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Private label products or services are typically those manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company’s brand. Private label goods and services are available in a wide range of industries from food to cosmetics to web hosting, etc. They are often positioned as lower cost alternatives to regional, national or international brands, although recently some private label brands have been positioned as “premium” brands to compete with existing “name” brands.

1.TopValu Lager Beer

Though the price is low, it’s an orthodox-style beer made with 100% malt and 100% German hops.
It has a taste that won the Mondo Selection Award two years in a row.
Since the price never changes from its listed price, it’s something you can buy with peace of mind.

2.TopValu’s Senbei Series

Their series of Japan’s unique rice crackers, called “senbei,” are superior.
Soy sauce, brown sugar and soy sauce, salt flavor…
You can enjoy their myriad of flavors of this snack that has been in Japan since time immemorial.
Since the price is low, it’s an optimal snack.

3.TopValu Graham Sandwich Biscuit

Since it’s made with whole wheat flower, you can enjoy snack time while thinking of the condition of your belly.
There are two flavors within one bag so you can eat the whole thing without getting tired of the taste.
You won’t be able to get enough of the crunchy texture.

TopValu Choco Chip Cookies: Matcha and Vanilla flavor

Matcha and chocolate are two flavors that surprisingly match.
What about matcha and vanilla?
There are two kinds of moist, crunchy cookies in the bag.
The packaging is made so you can have an easy break time, such as in the office while you drink your coffee.
The bag is also made in a size that is easy to hide.

5.TopValu Dried Fruits Series

In health-conscious Japan, people who eat low-calorie, nutritious dried fruits instead of snacks have been on the increase.
These products were made to take advantage of this new trend.
Because the bags are made with a zip-lock, if you don’t finish the bag, you can close it and the contents won’t spill out.

6.Seven Premium Soup with Whole Wakame

This is a convenient product for when you want to add a side dish or want to eat something with fiber.
Wakame seaweed is a treasure trove of fiber, and in this product the stalks are included, so you get plenty of its crisp texture.
This soup is made just by pouring in hot water.
It has a slight Chinese food-style aroma and it pairs well with white rice.

7.Seven Premium Small Japanese Confectionery Mix

This mix is made so you can enjoy traditional Japanese confectionery like dorayaki (red bean jam between two slices of castella), monaka (wafer cake filled with bean jam), manju (steamed filled yeast bun), and youkan (sweet bean jelly) in small bites.
Because there are 8 kinds of sweets in this bag, it’s ideal for experiencing Japanese tea time.
It pairs with Japanese tea as well as unsweetened black tea.

8.Seven Premium Salmon Jerky

This salmon jerky is made by pickling fall salmon in sea water and then drying it.
It’s a little hard and a little salty, so it’s not something that you can binge on in one sitting.
It’s a special product from Hokkaido made to match with liquor.
If you buy it as a souvenir, it’s a little expensive, but it is full of flavor.

9.Seven Premium Cup Miso Soup Series

In the winter, people who buy cup soups along with their bentos increase.
On top of not needing a separate container, it’s a product where all you need is hot water and you have perfect miso soup.
The miso in it is originally in granulated form, but this cup type makes it easy to buy. It has a delicious aroma that makes you say, “seems delicious!”

10.Seven Premium Kielbasa Jerky

Eat this while you drink liquor.
Black pepper is used effectively to make the meat’s umami come out.
This is the perfect snack to eat with beer! A lot of people fervently believe this.
It even says on the package that they spent a lot of time fastidously coming up with the recipe.

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