10 Kyoto Hotels That Won’t Break Your Wallet

When visiting Japan, you’ll of course want to explore as many places as possible. But the costs can quickly start to add up. To help make their budgets last, many travelers opt to keep their accommodation expenses low. That’s why in this article, we’ll introduce 10 hotels in Kyoto that offer excellent value for money as well as easy access to the city’s many sightseeing spots! If you’re looking for a base for exploring one of the most exciting cities in Japan, these are the places that won’t break your wallet.



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Quality at Reasonable Prices! 10 Kyoto Hotels That Won’t Break Your Wallet!

1. The OneFive Kyoto Shijo

The OneFive Kyoto Shijo is located in the heart of Kyoto, just a 3-minute walk from Omiya Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line. The hotel offers easy access to various tourist attractions around the city such as Nijo Castle (13-minute walk), as well as Yasaka Shrine, Kiyomizu Temple, and the Gion area, which are all just one bus stop away. In addition, Shijo-Omiya Station on the Keifuku Electric Railroad Arashiyama Line, which goes to Arashiyama, and Shijo Station on the Karasuma subway line, which runs throughout the city, are both located just a 10-minute walk from the hotel.

The hotel's motto, "Once in a lifetime," is derived from the Japanese tea ceremony and expresses the idea that every moment is precious and unique, so we should make the most of it. And that’s the hotel in a nutshell: a place that’ll help you make the memories of a lifetime in a cozy atmosphere that blends modern and traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Each of the hotel's guestrooms, while compact, is designed to maximize functionality without sacrificing comfort, making it an excellent value for money. There are three room types to choose from: standard queen, twin, and Japanese modern twin. Additionally, the hotel provides a coin-operated laundry facility and employs English-speaking staff to ensure a comfortable stay for all travelers.

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2. Sakura Terrace The Atelier

Sakura Terrace The Atelier is conveniently located just a 6-minute walk from Kyoto Station, the gateway to Japan’s old capital. With its close proximity to various train stations and bus stops, the hotel offers easy access not only to the city, but also the rest of Kyoto Prefecture and the entire Kansai area. The Sakura Terrace's concept is centered around providing guests with a "slow and luxurious" experience that won’t feel like a hotel stay, hence their slogan "Your home away from home."

The guestrooms are designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, and each one comes with its own outdoor bath and wooden fixtures that emanate natural, calming warmth. In addition to three different types of Small Double rooms, each offering different bed and room sizes, you can also choose the uniquely designed Al'aise bunk bed room. The shared bathroom is equipped with private shower booths, allowing guests to freshen up at their own pace.

The hotel's interior has been designed to facilitate both interactions and privacy. Upon entering, guests are welcomed into a communal space where they can gather, socialize, and exchange ideas and information. The hotel also offers a free cafe booth serving freshly ground and brewed drip coffee and a variety of teas. Additionally, guests have access to a washing machine and dryer free of charge. English-speaking staff are on hand to assist international travelers.

3. The Hedistar Hotel Kyoto Nijo Comic & Books

The Hedistar Hotel Kyoto Nijo Comic & Books is conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from the Nijojo-mae subway station, putting it a stone’s throw away from Nijo Castle and a bustling shopping district popular among locals. What sets this hotel apart is its vast collection of comic books featuring approximately 10,000 titles. Guests are welcome to peruse the wall of bookshelves and lose themselves in the world of manga.

The hotel blends the warmth of traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern elegance in its three types of guestrooms, each exuding a sense of comfort and sophistication. Besides the single and twin rooms, there is also the accessible universal room type, allowing all guests to enjoy a comfortable stay at this facility. As a bonus, the cherry blossom and kemari (traditional Japanese ball) patterns on the ceilings and around the bedsides subtly reflect the city's cultural heritage.

In the morning, guests can enjoy an “obanzai” boxed breakfast filled with rice cooked together with plenty of seasonal ingredients. The eat-in space across from the front desk provides a delightful opportunity to indulge in Japanese food and culture, but you can also enjoy your meal in your room or on the rooftop terrace. In addition, hotel guests have access to coin-operated laundry facilities and English-speaking staff members.

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4. Terrace Kiyomizu Kyoto

Located on Gojozaka, the approach to the popular and tourist-packed Kiyomizu Temple, Terrace Kiyomizu Kyoto is perfect for those travelers hoping to visit the famous place of worship. The best way to go about it is to arrive the day before and head on over to Kiyomizu first thing in the morning when there are few people around. The World Heritage Site is only a 5-minute walk away, with other Kyoto attractions such as Yasaka Shrine and Gion also being within walking distance of the ideally-situated hotel.

The hotel offers a total of six different room types, including standard twins, doubles, a "Moderate Twin" type with one single and one double bed, and a "Superior Twin" with two double beds. The guestrooms can accommodate a maximum of four people, making them ideal for families or groups of friends.

On the rooftop terrace, you can enjoy the stunning views of Kiyomizu Temple and Kyoto Tower, with the ever-changing scenery of the ancient capital spreading out all around you. Then there is the lobby lounge, which offers guests a chance to kick back and relax with a complimentary drink in hand. Coin-operated laundry facilities are available, as are staff members who can speak English and Indonesian.

5. KYOSTAY Iroha Toji Main

KYOSTAY Iroha Toji Main is an apartment hotel across from the five-story pagoda of the Toji Temple World Heritage Site. Situated just a 6-minute walk from Toji Station on the Kintetsu Line and a 15-minute walk from Kyoto Station, KYOSTAY provides easy access to popular facilities around the city such as the Kyoto Aquarium and the Kyoto Railway Museum, both of which can be reached on foot from the hotel.

All of the guestrooms are fully equipped with kitchens with two induction-stove burners, pots and pans, cutlery, and a microwave. They also come with washing machines, making them ideal for medium to long-term stays. Among the five types of rooms available, we highly recommend the Japanese-Western rooms, which feature a dining area, two single beds, and a Japanese-style room. These rooms can accommodate up to five people if futon bedding is added.

Right next to the entrance, guests will find parking for the PiPPA rental bike service, easily accessible through the PiPPA app. These bikes can be returned at any authorized parking port, making them great for reaching tourist spots that are difficult to access via public transportation.

6. Sanco Inn Kyoto Hachijoguchi Shikinoyu

Sanko Inn Kyoto Hachijoguchi Shikinoyu is conveniently located across from Kyoto Station, just a 1 minute walk from the Hachijo Exit. It's an ideal base for exploring the city or charging your batteries before having to catch the shinkansen or the Haruka limited express early in the morning.

The rooms are simple but comfortable, with an emphasis on ensuring a good night's sleep. The mattresses are made by Serta, a leading US brand known for its outstanding beds. Additionally, the lobby has a pillow bar that's well stocked with cushions of varying hardness, height, and materials to ensure the guests get the best sleep possible.

Guests can also rent transformers, extension cords, and other useful items for free from the hotel. Furthermore, Sanco Inn’s large bathtub provides a perfect way to relax and relieve travel fatigue by soaking in natural ore-derived artificial hot spring water. The hotel guests additionally have free access to a computer and printer, as well as coin-operated laundry facilities with a drum-type washer-and-dryer.


If you're searching for an affordable accommodation option in the heart of downtown Kyoto, then THE L.A. MART hotel is just the place for you. Located only a 7-minute walk from Kyoto-Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line and boasting easy access to the Sanjo and Shijo subway stations, this hotel is perfectly situated for travelers looking to do a little shopping and sightseeing around the city.

The exterior of the hotel is designed in the style of a traditional Kyoto machiya townhouse, but the guestrooms and beds are all Western-style. The rooms also feature a tasteful Bordeaux color scheme that gives them a sophisticated, European feel, and makes them the perfect places to relax.

The front lobby is equipped with a water server, coffee maker, and a microwave oven. Dining options include the affiliated first-floor restaurant "REIMS JAPONE," which serves up delicious Japanese-French cuisine alongside a cafe menu. Additionally, there is a convenience store in front of the building where guests can stock up on any essentials. Coin-operated laundry facilities are also available, and English-speaking staff are on hand to assist with any queries.

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8. THE POCKET HOTEL Kyoto Karasuma Gojo

For both convenience and affordability, consider THE POCKET HOTEL Kyoto Karasuma Gojo. Located a mere 1 minute stroll from the Gojo subway station and within walking distance of Kyoto Station, this hotel combines the privacy and comfort of a hotel with the ease and reasonable prices of a guesthouse.

At the POCKET HOTEL, guests lay out their futon bedding themselves on a wooden platform that takes up most of the room. Additionally, foldable mats are provided for added comfort while sleeping. With the futon and mats put away, a simple table can be placed on the platform to create a cozy space for eating or taking a break. For families and groups, we recommend the Bunk Beds + Twin Room, which offers more space.

All rooms are equipped with locks, and solo female travelers can also book a room on a women-only floor for extra peace of mind. None of the rooms are equipped with bathrooms. Instead, guests make use of a shared shower room, the status of which can be easily checked on the hotel tablets. Also available are coin-operated laundry facilities, a self-check-in and self-check-out system, and English-speaking staff.

9. Tassel Inn Kyoto Kawaramachi Nijo

Tassel Inn Kyoto Kawaramachi Nijo is tucked away on a quiet side street offering a peaceful retreat for grown-ups looking to relax in the heart of Kyoto’s busy downtown area. Conveniently located just a 4-minute walk from Kyoto Shiyaku-sho Mae Station, it's only one subway stop to Nijo Castle from the hotel. There's also a bus stop nearby for easy access to such attractions as Kinkakuji Temple, Ginkakuji Temple, and Kamigamo Shrine.

The warm and inviting lobby, decorated in natural wood tones, is reminiscent of Kyoto's traditional aesthetics. There are four types of guestrooms available: the standard double, twin, superior twin, and the deluxe fourth. All are elegantly furnished, but the real highlight of this facility are the plush Simmons mattresses that guarantee a restful night's sleep.

In the morning, treat yourself to a healthy and satisfying breakfast served buffet style. Help yourself to unlimited crisp, pesticide-free lettuce, flaky croissants, coffee, tea, and more. The hotel also offers coin-operated laundry facilities and English-speaking staff for your convenience.

10. Check in Shijokarasuma

Check in Shijokarasuma is a budget-friendly business hotel located in a prime downtown location, just a 2-minute walk from Karasuma Station and the Shijo subway station. To explore the city on a sunny day, the hotel provides free rental bicycles, so take advantage of them and enjoy a leisurely ride through Japan’s ancient capital.

Guests can choose from a wide variety of room types, including single, twin, double, and Japanese-style rooms, all of which are equipped with washing machines. For ultimate relaxation, head to the bathhouse on the 11th floor at the top of the hotel and soak in hot water. There’s nothing better after a day of traveling than enjoying a nice cool breeze on your face while inside an open-air bath.

Conveniently located near supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstores, restaurants, and various other stores, you won't have any trouble finding shopping and dining options while staying at Check in Shijokarasuma. The front lobby also has a 24-hour, guest-only computer corner and a popular drink bar service. English-speaking staff are always available to assist you.

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Explore Japan’s Ancient Capital Without Going Broke

Did any hotel catch your interest? Make the most out of your trip to Kyoto by choosing the perfect accommodation that fits your needs, travel plans, and preferred style of stay. Happy travels!


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