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Have some spare time during your travel, or maybe an entire day? Why not visit on these zoos or aquariums located in Tokyo? A high quality fun experience is guaranteed. 

Let’s start with the zoos.

1. Ueno Zoological Gardens 


Ueno Zoological Gardens is a large zoo with an aquarium (with reptile displays). It is easy to get to from anywhere in Tokyo. With its large park area, and many shows and tours, it would definitely leave you satisfied. Since it is located inside Ueno park, you can stop by other attractions, such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, too.  Official site here.

2. Tama Zoological Park


Tama Zoological Park is a large, quiet zoo with about 320 species on display. Tama Zoological Park aims to display the animals in an environment that is similar to their natural habitats. Therefore, most of the displays are set outside, so you can take a long walk while observing them. The park is mainly divided into 4 sections (Asia, Australia, Africa, and Insects). Be sure to wear sturdy shoes. Official site here.

3. Inokashira Park Zoo


Located inside Inokashira Park, Inokashira Park Zoo has a zoo, an aquarium and even a merry-go-round. In the Ikimono Hiroba, you have to find the organisms. Not only do they display up to 200 species, but they also have beautiful sight seeing spots such as the Rhododendron spot, the Camellia spot and the sculpture spot. Official site here.

4. Edogawa Nature Zoo


Edogawa Nature Zoo is free of charge. FREE. Here they display animals such as the giant anteater, red panda, prairie dog, wallaby, and the Humboldt penguin. Official site here.

5. Oshima Island Park

Although it is technically located in Tokyo, it may take some time to get to Oshima Island Park. Located in lush nature, they display their animals in the open. Here, you can see the strange sight of Barbary sheep and the ring-tailed lemur living together in harmony. Free of charge. Official site here.

6. Tokyo Sea Life Park

Toshihiro Gamo/Flickr

Tokyo Sea Life Park has a large view of the ocean, and an impressive doughnut shaped Blue Fin Tuna display. It has an very informative guided tour, which is free of charge (only in Japanese). Located in the outskirts of Kanagawa, it is great for a day trip. Official site here.

7. Sumida Aquarium


Located in Tokyo Sky Tree Town, Sumida Aquarium is excellent in terms of access. Their location in a building doesn’t limit their displays at all. The aquarium has a beautiful lighting and design, as well as unique displays including the Edorium (a 2 meter cylindrical tank displaying 2000 goldfish), and the “Penguin Candy” penguin show. Highly recommended. Official site here.

8. EPSON Shinagawa Aqua Stadium

Located inside Shinagawa Price Hotel, EPSON Shinagawa Aqua Stadium is also excellent in terms of access. Unfortunately, it’s now closed for remodeling. Opening again in the summer of 2015, it will offer improved dolphin shows (with water curtains and light stage direction), a new jelly fish display, and an area where you can see and feed sea lions and seals up close. Official site here.

9. Shinagawa Aquarium

I visit the Shinagawa Aquarium the most. I don’t know if it’s just sentiment, but this aquarium has a very homely feeling to it. Located inside Shinagawa Kumin Park, you can see a very rare Clione, pregnant sea horses and ice fish. Official site here.

10. Sunshine Aquarium

shuzo serikawa/Flickr

Located in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, Sunshine Aquarium is excellent in terms of access. Their strongest feature would be the display that uses the outside effectively, as shown in the image above. Shows include aquarium classics such as feeding shows of sea lions and penguins, as well as rarities such as the pelican and sea otter feeding times. Official site here.

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