10 Best High-End Hotels in Umeda, Osaka - Experience the Height of Luxury!

Easily accessible from Kansai International Airport, Umeda is home to Osaka Station, the gateway to the city, as well as Umeda Station, the terminal of many private and subway lines, making the area the perfect base for sightseeing. Umeda offers many accommodation options, ranging from affordable no-frill facilities to famous luxury hotels that attract many foreign tourists who want to explore Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, and other popular tourist destinations from the comfort of Osaka. Among them, these 10 high-end hotels are especially renowned for their impeccable hospitality that everyone deserves to experience at least once in their lives. Enter a world of luxury at Umeda.

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About Umeda

Umeda, known popularly as "Kita" (North) in contrast to Osaka’s "Minami" (South) represented by Namba and Shinsaibashi, is one of the busiest downtown areas of Japan’s third biggest city. A major transportation hub, Umeda is characterized by its old-fashioned station buildings and underground malls. In addition, thanks to a recent redevelopment, new landmarks and gourmet spots such as Grand Front Osaka have been added to Umeda, making the area more vibrant than ever. It is a fascinating location where the past and present coexist, and where the towering Umeda Sky Building offers one of the best night views in Osaka alongside the historic Tsuyuten Shrine.

10 Best Luxury Hotels in Umeda, Osaka

1. The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka

The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka, opened in 1997 as the first Japanese branch of the world-famous hotel group. It is conveniently located a 5-minute walk from Osaka Station and welcomes guests with the highest quality facilities, cuisine, and hospitality. All the rooms are on upper floors, offering magnificent views both during the day and night.

The Japanese Suite combines hotel and ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) experiences, giving guests access to a relaxing Japanese-style room with futon mattresses. The room also features a dazzling Japanese-style bathroom made from Mikage stone. The Ritz-Carlton Suite is the largest guestroom in the hotel, spanning floors 36 to 37. Furnished with elegant, 18th-century-style furniture, the suite is a luxurious accommodation that manages to feel like your own home.

The hotel restaurant offers a variety of cuisines, including Japanese, Chinese, and French. The authentic British-style afternoon tea at The Lobby Lounge is also recommended for those looking for an elegant space to relaxing in with friends, family, or romantic partners.

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2. Conrad Osaka

Conrad Osaka is a luxury hotel belonging to the world-famous Hilton group. It incorporates Japanese aesthetics into its sophisticated and cutting-edge design centered around the concept of "Your Address in the Sky" through the use of rooms offering panoramic views of Osaka. Directly connected to the Higobashi and Watanabebashi subway stations, Conrad Osaka is also conveniently located within walking distance of Umeda and Namba.

The Conrad Penthouse Suite, the most luxurious accommodation at the hotel, boasts a spacious and opulent interior. The living room floor is adorned with marble and features a comfortable sofa set as well as a bar counter in the kitchen. In addition, the deep vermilion-colored bathtub showcasing Japanese traditional craftsmanship, coupled with the breathtaking view of Osaka's night skyline, will undoubtedly provide an unforgettable and grand bathing experience.

At atmos dining, guests can indulge in a plentiful buffet throughout the day, featuring dishes prepared by the chef right in front of them in the open kitchen. From local Osaka specialties to international cuisine, desserts, and fruits, dining at Conrad Osaka 200 meters above the ground while enjoying the panorama of Japan’s most electric city will surely create the memories of a lifetime.

3. Hotel Hankyu International

Upon entering Hotel Hankyu International, you'll feel like you’ve just stepped into an 18th-century European palace. Located in the heart of Umeda, just a 3-minute walk from Osaka-Umeda Station, the hotel is perfect for travelers looking to do a little sightseeing and shopping. Limousine bus services to and from Kansai International Airport are also available.

All guest rooms are on floor 26 and above, providing exceptional views of the city’s nightscapes. Floors 32 to 34 house the luxury suite rooms for all occasions. Among them, the highest-class Presidential Suite offers elegant antique furniture and breathtaking views, making it one of the closest places to heaven in all of Osaka.

The MALMAISON specialty restaurant is located on the 25th floor and serves refined French cuisine that is a feast for both the eyes and the palate in a classical and elegant atmosphere resembling a medieval castle.

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4. Hilton Osaka Hotel

Nishi-Umeda, where the Hilton Osaka is located, is a bustling area with world-class boutiques and entertainment facilities. Yet, even among them, Hilton Osaka stands out as a sophisticated yet cozy and approachable landmark. It’s located just a 2-minute walk from Osaka Station and a 25-minute airport bus ride from Osaka International Airport.

The guestrooms are functional and stylish with elegant Japanese touches and feature wooden floors and furniture. Of particular note are the hotel’s three Japanese-style suites that offer a serene ambiance that will help you escape from your daily routine and into a world of luxury.

Centrum, the hotel's grill dining establishment, is located in the center of the restaurant floor where many other specialty eateries can be found. At Centrum, you can enjoy exquisite meat dishes cooked over charcoal and firewood, as well as seasonal appetizers crafted by the executive chef, which pair excellently with the hotel’s wine selection. A Japanese restaurant and buffet-style restaurant are also available.

5. InterContinental Hotel Osaka, an IHG Hotel

This luxury hotel is located in the north wing of Grand Front Osaka, a multi-commercial facility in Umeda and one of the trendiest places in the city. The guestrooms, some of the largest in Osaka, are located on floors 21 to 32, offering amazing views.

The sophisticated and stylish interiors are bright and outfitted with large viewing windows. The bathrooms are equipped with a rain shower and a multi-functional shower, as well as a wooden shower chair perfect for enjoying the gentle stream of the water. The hotel also offers a large public bath with a sauna. Towels and bath amenities are provided for the guests' convenience.

On the 20th floor, guests will find Pierre, a new type of French restaurant that prepares fresh Japanese seasonal ingredients using fine French cooking techniques. A magnificent view from the large windows, coupled with the high ceiling and spacious interior, creates the perfect ambiance for enjoying memorable dishes that are like little works of art.


6. The Westin Osaka

This longstanding brand hotel has been in operation for 30 years. Boasting a beautiful and sophisticated exterior and interior, the Westin is also well known for its impeccable service. The hotel is located a 9-minute walk from Umeda Station and a 7-minute walk from Osaka Station. A limousine bus to Kansai International Airport that departs from and arrives at the hotel is also available.

The guestrooms are spacious, offering brilliant night views of Osaka. One of their biggest highlights are the beds that make you feel as if you were "sleeping on a cloud” thanks to the soft sheets and down comforters. If you lie on the bed while looking down at the city, it really does feel like sleeping up in the sky. The Japanese-style suites resemble a high-end Japanese ryokan inn with bathrooms that use fragrant high-quality cypress wood, their refreshing aroma allowing you to relax both physically and mentally.

Furthermore, the Oriental Suite on the upper floor is a luxurious room equipped with high-end furnishings such as a canopy bed, an elaborate vanity, and designer lamps. It is a truly royal space where you can feel like an Eastern aristocrat.

7. Harmonie Embrassee

The world-famous architect Tadao Ando designed this cozy luxury hotel, known for its headline-making unique triangular shape. Harmonie Embrassee is located a 3-minute walk from Osaka-Umeda Station, offering easy access to popular tourists spots in the city.

There are four types of rooms with different interior color schemes and design themes such as "EVER WHITE" and "BLACK TEA." All rooms have a spacious balcony with a table and chairs. The hotel has limited capacity, with only 40 rooms located on floors 12 to 21, which provide guests with panoramic views of the city. Thanks to the small size of the hotel, guests can expect attentive service throughout their entire stay.

The hotel’s course-style breakfast has been met with great reviews. It includes a tableside service with fresh vegetables selected by a vegetable sommelier and Kyoto eggs prepared the way guests like them. The restaurant offers authentic French cuisine while the cafe is perfect for afternoon tea.

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8. RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka

The design of this historic hotel, also known as the State Guest House of Osaka, is meant to invoke the image of how Osaka was back when it was Japan's ancient capital. RIHGA provides a free shuttle bus from Osaka Station, which takes about 10 minutes.

Floors 19 through 22 are named after their individual themes: Flowers, Sky, Sea, and Forest. They are designed to be healing spaces that reflect the natural scenery of Japan. For example, the interior of the Forest space on the 22nd floor was modeled on trees and sunlight filtering through leaves, giving guests the feeling of staying at a rural villa while remaining in the heart of the city. The Sea floor (21F) features interiors inspired by coral reefs and a refreshing aroma reminiscent of a seaside resort.

Guests on floors 19 through 27 have access to a dedicated cafe lounge, pool, and spa. Besides swimming, guests can also enjoy a whirlpool, sauna, and relaxation facilities at the pool. The hotel's restaurants are all famous establishments run by chefs who have honed their skills in Japan and abroad. The interiors of the restaurants feature famous paintings and furnishings in a modern Japanese style, creating a refined, inviting atmosphere.

9. ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka, an IHG Hotel

Part of IHG ANA Hotels Group’s Japanese expansion, ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Osaka is an urban resort conveniently located a 3-minute walk from Oebashi Station and within walking distance of the city’s downtown area, just a 10-minute stroll from Osaka Station.

The Club Lounge, one of the largest in Western Japan, is located on the hotel's top floor. It provides a sophisticated space lavishly decorated in a modern, Western style. The atmosphere of the hotel is reminiscent of an art museum thanks to the focus on furniture, paintings, and ornaments, with an added bonus of astonishing views of Osaka's futuristic buildings.

Breakfast, teatime, and cocktail services are all available free of charge. At Cafe in the Park, you can enjoy buffet meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as seasonal menus. Guests can watch the skilled chefs prepare and serve the main dishes at the counter. Upon request, they can also prepare traditional Japanese cuisine.

10. Hotel Granvia Osaka-JR Hotel Group

Hotel Granvia Osaka is one of the 11 luxury accommodation facilities operated by JR West Hotels, a longstanding institution established 40 years ago. Direct access to Osaka Station with numerous signs within the station directing guests to the hotel make Hotel Granvia Osaka easily accessible even during rainy weather.

Guestrooms are divided into the Standard Floors (21F – 26F) and the Granvia Floor (27F), a luxurious and elegantly intimate space. The Granvia Floor also features a Floor Lounge with a drink corner and snacks and pastries for the guests. Visitors can bring these treats to their rooms, together with healthy smoothies available during breakfast.

Fleuve on floor 19 is a traditional, high-quality French restaurant with a special menu combining traditional techniques with new and exciting twists. The restaurant boasts a serene and elegant atmosphere with stunning panoramic views that pair exquisitely with the amazing cuisine and service.

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Experience Luxury in Umeda, the Beating Heart of Osaka

In this article, we've introduced 10 high-end Osaka hotels everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Each one more magnificent and beautiful than the other, these hotels are additionally located in Umeda, the gateway to Osaka and a major transportation hub where modern skyscrapers and retro shopping streets coexist in harmony. It's an ideal base for sightseeing, but with the premium lounges, restaurants, and spas, you may end up wanting to spend all your time within the luxurious walls of Osaka’s best hotels. And that’s before enjoying the amazing, panoramic views of the city. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay. Safe travels!


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