Looking for Something Special? 10 Luxury Hotels in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Shinjuku is a fascinating neighborhood in the heart of Tokyo that's home to large-scale department stores and large building complexes. In this area, you will find luxury hotels that you won’t see anywhere else. From among these, here is a carefully selected list of the best quality hotels for that true luxury experience.

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1. JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Shinjuku

JR Kyushu Hotels is a hotel chain that is based in Kyushu. Blossom Shinjuku is one of their hotels that was featured in the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2016 for its comfort. The Premium Twin rooms on the 15th and 16th floors are especially recommended. They have large windows, subdued designs, and high-quality Imabari towels available for your use at any time. In short, they’re non-fussy, affordable but luxurious. The hotel is easy to access at a 3-minute walk from Shinjuku Station.

Deluxe Twin (38m²)

Premium Twin (38m²). Comes with a bath with a view.

2. Hyatt Regency Tokyo

This was Japan’s first Hyatt hotel. It’s everything you’d expect from a Hyatt hotel, from the glittering chandelier in the atrium lobby to the high-class restaurant and spa. If you stay in one of their club rooms, you can use the Regency Club, which is one of the best and most popular lounges around. Their 18 suites (71m² - 112m²) all have a dedicated concierge. Don’t you want to spend the night in one of their gorgeous rooms at least once?

Club Deluxe Room (Double)

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3. Hilton Tokyo

This hotel opened in 1964, which was also when the Tokyo Olympics started. Although it was relocated in 1984, it didn’t lose its history, strict attention to detail, and stunning hospitality. For example, the staff can even help you out if you’re planning something like an anniversary surprise! The night-time view of Shinjuku’s skyscrapers from the upper floor rooms and the Executive Lounge is spectacular. The breakfast buffet is also extremely popular. It’s in a great location at a 10-minute walk from Shinjuku Station.

The Junior Suite. The large windows make the room seem more spacious.

Tower Suite (66㎡)

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4. Keio Plaza Hotel

Established in Shinjuku in 1971, this is one of Japan’s most iconic luxury hotels. It has retained the same atmosphere from the time of its establishment, and its elegance, sophistication, and top-class comfort continues to attract people from all over the world. This hotel has tip-top everything - furniture, upholstery, cuisine, service, and more. The rooms on the Club Floor are highly recommended. A 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station means that it is extremely easy to access.

The Premier Grand (71.0m²) on the highest Club Floor.

From the Club Lounge, which stands 160m above the ground, you can take in a panoramic view.


5. Park Hyatt Tokyo

Just looking at the photo is enough to make you sigh with longing! A part of the Hyatt brand, this hotel has the concept of being a small, luxurious hideaway. All of the guest rooms are located from the 42nd floor upwards, so no matter where you stay, you’ll have a sweeping view of Tokyo. The spacious rooms that average 50㎡ and upwards are just what you’d expect of the Park Hyatt. The afternoon tea that is served at the Peak Lounge on the 41st floor is particularly popular with women. Although it’s a little way from the station, there’s a free shuttle bus from the side of L Tower at Shinjuku’s West Exit that you can use at your convenience.

The Diplomat Suite (160㎡). There is a grand piano inside the room. 

6. Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower

All of the guest rooms employ a “Limited Service”, which excludes a mini-bar and room service. Nevertheless, the rooms offer you a comfortable, top-class stay. This hotel is popular, as it gives you the rare opportunity to enjoy the view of both Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree. In the Japanese edition of the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2009, it was awarded 3 “house marks” in the “Comfortable Hotel Ranking”. Around a minute’s walk from Shinjuku Station, it is primely located as well!

Executive Room (70㎡〜80㎡)

The view of the city center from 100m above ground is spectacular.

7. Granbell Hotel Shinjuku

This hotel was listed in the hotel category of the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2015. Their rooms, all designed by top-class creators, are highly popular with both domestic and overseas guests. The million-dollar night-time view of Shinjuku from the Roof Top Bar & Terrace G on the 13th floor is a must-see. Apparently, the suite rooms on the 4th floor are particularly extraordinary and comfortable. It’s worth staying at this hotel at least once!

The Villa Suite (62㎡)

The Penthouse Suite

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8. Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku

This luxury hotel functions as a cross between a hotel and a serviced apartment. While they are long-stay, you can definitely stay for just one night. They offer a full range of amenities like Jurlique and L’Occitane. They are popular for offering super luxurious rooms at extremely reasonable prices. Why not surprise a loved one by presenting them with a spectacular view of the city at night from the hotel’s top floors? There is a standard floor and a premium floor. The premium floor is recommended if you want to thoroughly bask in luxury.

9. Hotel Gracery Shinjuku

In 2015, a new 30-floor landmark with a height of 130m named “Shinjuku Toho Building” was born on the site of what was formerly the Shinjuku Koma Theater. Inside that building is where you’ll find this next-generation hotel, Hotel Gracery Shinjuku. But is it a luxury hotel...? Well, to Godzilla fans, it most definitely is! This hotel offers the “Godzilla Room”, which is a hotel room that recreates the world of Godzilla. Enter it and you’ll find yourself in a new world! It’s the only one of its kind in the world, so why not stay and give yourself a real-life Godzilla experience?

Have breakfast while looking at Godzilla. 

10. Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo

Old European architecture, the magnificent Okuma Garden that boasts an area of around 3,000㎡, an impeccable interior, and classic European-style rooms make this luxury hotel one of the best around. With just 126 rooms, the hotel is rather small, which means that they’re able to focus on giving amazing service. Their restaurant and bar is quite reputable, with a quality that perfectly fits the hotel. There is a free shuttle service from Takadanobaba Station to the hotel. From Shinjuku Station, it's just a 20-minute taxi ride.


If you're looking to expand your horizons or celebrate something special, a luxury hotel is a brilliant place to be. If you do end up staying at one of these hotels, do let us know how your experience went on Facebook!

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