10 Luxury Hotels in Arashiyama, Kyoto

Arashiyama, a hidden gem of Kyoto, has so many sightseeing places that you can enjoy all year round. It was designated as a national historic site and place of scenic beauty, and attracts many tourists from all over the world. Here are 10 luxury hotels that will make your stay in Arashiyama even more special.




1. Kyoto Ranzan

This getaway is located by the Togetsu Bridge (Togetsu-kyo). Some of the best features of this inn include their quiet and spacious garden and tasteful architecture. It's a place overflowing with luxury. There is a Japanese restaurant called "Keiga" here that serves high-quality Kyo-ryori (Kyoto-style cuisine) made with seasonal ingredients. It is located in the center of Arashiyama and is only a few minutes' walk from the World Heritage Site, Tenryu-ji Temple, as well as Daikaku-ji Temple and Jojakko-ji Temple. This inn is perfect for exploring the surroundings of Sagano!

You can enjoy a view of the courtyard that reflects the seasonal changes from their Japanese-style guest rooms.

Their Kaiseki cuisine (Japanese banquet cuisine with alcohol) is beautifully presente

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2. Togetsutei

This long-established inn has been in business for 150 years. There are 2 guest rooms that have private open-air baths with beautiful views of Arashiyama, 2 standard guest rooms with a fantastic view, and 2 guest rooms that have spacious, semi-open-air baths. The view from each room is just like a picture scroll. They serve traditional Kaiseki cuisine that uses yuba (tofu skin) and tofu as the main ingredients. They dedicate themselves to offering attentive, heartwarming service that is sure to impress anyone that stays here.

The Japanese-style views from the rooms have remained unchanged for a long time, and will help to ease any tiredness.

Their popular guest room with a private open-air bath. The bathtub has plenty space for 2 adults.

3. Kadensho

There are 3 kinds of guest rooms at this inn: the Kyo-machiya rooms, which are designed in the style of a machiya (old merchant's house) and portray the culture of the common people of Kyoto; the practical Kyo-wafu rooms, where the Western style of living is realized in a Kyoto atmosphere; and the Kyo-modern rooms, which have tatami flooring with a plain wood interior. You can experience Kyoto's culture and history from various features of this inn, such as their furniture, bed sets, tea, and even incense, which are all carefully selected.

The Kyo-wafu room is a Japanese and Western room with an open-air bath.

The Washoku-zen breakfast.

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4. Kinsuitei

This luxurious inn has an authentic Japanese-style architecture. It's in a perfect location to feel the beauty of each season, such as cherry blossoms in the spring, new greens of Japanese maple trees and fireflies in the summer, autumn leaves in the fall, and mountains covered by a blanket of snow in the winter. This inn has restaurants that are located beside Kiyotaki River (Kiyotaki-gawa), so you can enjoy delicious Kyo-ryori while gazing at the amazing view. You'll never be able to experience any of this in the center of a city! Lunch starts at 3,600 yen, and having Kyo-kaiseki (9,800 yen) for dinner comes highly recommended by many. It's a 15-minute taxi ride away from Hanazono Station, as well as one station away from Saga-Arashiyama Station. They also have a package plan that includes transport from Kyoto Station.

The rooms are beautifully decorated and made out of wood.

The inside of the restaurant.

5. Hanaikada

This inn is located on the south side of Togetsu Bridge, making it very convenient for sightseeing around Arashiyama. They are known for offering beautiful Kyo-kaiseki (Kyoto-style traditional Japanese course with tea) and hot spring baths. There are 6 baths in total, including an open-air bath with a splendid view of the sacred Mt. Atago (Atago-yama). This inn is perfect for hot spring lovers! A private bath is also available, so even those who don't like public baths can thoroughly enjoy themselves. Their creative cuisine is based on Arashiyama's seasonal flowers and natural beauty. Made by employing traditional techniques, the food here is known to be exquisite.

This is a Japanese-style twin bedroom with a toilet and a wash basin. It was renovated in March 2010.

This is an open-air bath with a breathtaking panoramic view of Arashiyama.

6. Rangetsu

This small inn has 15 guest rooms, including 3 special rooms. The special rooms are each fitted with a private open-air bath made from Shigaraki stone (Shigaraki-yaki) and have amazing views of Mt. Arashi (Arashi-yama). Underground well water is used for the baths. Do note that they are very popular, so it may be difficult to book them. Sit back in the open-air bath and enjoy the beautiful view of Mt. Arashi and Togetsu Bridge. Choose from 2 different Kaiseki courses for your meal, which are priced at 6,000 yen and 9,500 yen. 

Suiryu, which is one of the special rooms.

This is a private open-air bath in one of the special rooms.

7. Arashiyama Benkei

This inn has 10 guest rooms and is located east of Togetsu Bridge by the Katsura River (Katsura-gawa). The building surrounds a garden, and is built in a teahouse-like style, with each room having their own unique feel. Enjoy Kyo-kaiseki that changes monthly, as well as their large public bath and open-air baths filled with Arashiyama hot spring water, which is known for its smoothness and beautifying effect on the skin. Release your stress in this calm space and enjoy yourself in their baths!

This is the Hozugawa no Ma. It is a Japanese-style room with an outlook bath.

Their indoor outlook bath has a beautiful view of their Japanese-style courtyard.

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8. Suiran Luxury Collection Hotel Kyoto

Many celebrities all over the world love this hotel, which combines modern aesthetics with timeless traditions embedded in Kyoto history. The 39 guest rooms each have a different design and their own unique characteristics, with the interior based on a traditional Japanese color that you'd often see in Kyoto. 17 of the rooms have open-air baths where you can enjoy natural hot spring water. Experience a unique stay that can't be replicated elsewhere! Their restaurant, Kyo-Suiran, offers a new style of cuisine featuring Kaiseki-style meals infused with French cooking techniques. A remarkably authentic experience awaits you here.

This is a presidential corner suite with an open-air hot spring bath.

9. Hoshinoya Kyoto

This century-old property that was built by a wealthy merchant in Kyoto has been renovated into a luxury hotel. All the guest rooms have an amazing view of the Ooi River (Ooi-gawa), which winds through the mountains of Arashiyama. Their unique facilities, such as a scenic spot for tea and library lounge that has a view of Ooi River, offer an experience that can only be enjoyed here. Single room plans are available, so you don't have to miss out on this luxurious experience even if you're traveling alone. Everything from their rooms, services, and amenities are top of the line!

10. Ninna Temple Omuro Kaikan

Ninna Temple (Ninna-ji) is a World Heritage Site, and this accommodation is located within its premises. Staying here is completely different from staying at a high-class hotel, but nonetheless, you'll be able to gain a luxurious experience that can only be done in Japan. Enjoy a leisurely walk around the temple grounds in the early morning, when it is closed to the general public. Also, note that you're not required to go to the worship service. It's about a 20-minute walk from Hanazono Station, which is one station away from Arashiyama Station. Please be aware that you are not allowed to take photos or videos around the various halls of the temple.

They have 12 Japanese-style guest rooms.


Since you're coming all the way to Japan, doesn't it make sense to stay at the best that the country has to offer? The above places all have really good reviews and are relatively inexpensive given what they have to offer, so definitely check them out when making your travel plans!

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