Travel Back in Time With These 10 Hotels Right in the Heart of Historic Kawagoe

Located only a stone's throw away from Tokyo, Kawagoe is a charming historic town most well-known for its iconic warehouse-style buildings, many shrines and temples, and an atmosphere that retains vestiges of the Edo period (1603 - 1867,) complemented by lots of retro cafes, local shops, and old houses with modern twists. While back in the day, Kawagoe flourished as a commercial center, today, it is also bustling with people as visitors can enjoy renting a kimono and slipping back in the time of the samurai during the days of Edo.

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Taking a Walk Through Koedo Kawagoe

Kawagoe is a popular tourist destination known for its historical townscape, and people are often seen strolling around in kimonos as to feel as if they themselves are living in ancient times. Being only about an hour away from Tokyo, Kawagoe is easily accessible from Tokyo and makes for a great day trip!

The Ichibangai Shopping Street is lined with cute cafes and local souvenir shops, and the area is especially popular with students, young couples, and groups of friends. The entire town is bright and lively yet retains its historical legacy as old buildings, cultural attractions, shrines, and temples have all been carefully preserved.

Travel Back in Time With These 10 Hotels Right in the Heart of Historic Kawagoe

1. Kawagoe Tobu Hotel

Kawagoe Tobu Hotel is located just a 2-minute walk from Kawagoe Station and can be conveniently reached via a covered walkway directly connected to the station. The front desk area has a tasteful Japanese atmosphere that is in harmony with the traditional image of Kawagoe.

While the guest rooms are stylish and functional, they also have a modern Japanese feel with wall designs that vary from room to room, such as black wood grain or plaid patterns. The beds are made by Slumberland, a company known for having a royal warrant awarded to them by the British royal family for their exceptionally high quality and comfort.

In addition, the bath amenities are scented with Provencia, a natural plant-derived ingredient from the south of France, which gives off a tantalizing aroma.

Foreign currency exchange machines and coin-operated laundry facilities are in the front lobby area for the convenience of the traveler.

For breakfast, guests can enjoy both Japanese and Western-style buffets featuring seasonal ingredients from Saitama. The menu includes dishes such as dressings using soy sauce from a local soy sauce brewery and dishes using sweet potatoes, a local specialty, to give you a sense of Kawagoe's unique flavor.

2. Kawagoe Prince Hotel

Kawagoe Prince Hotel is directly connected to Hon-Kawagoe Station and is about a 10-minute walk from Kawagoe Station. Part of a major hotel chain that operates nationwide, it is convenient and comfortable for friends and couples as well as families with children.

The guest rooms have a unified classic brown and white style that is in line with the Prince Hotel brand, and in addition to Western-style rooms, there are also Japanese-style rooms with "futon" mattresses laid out on tatami mats.

Each Japanese-style room has a different design. Different interior decorations such as "fusuma" sliding doors and "shoji" screens will give each room a completely different feeling, and every room charmingly incorporates Japanese aesthetics into the space.

In addition to TVs and free Wi-Fi, they also offer free rental of various items to make your stay more comfortable such as humidifiers and cribs. Families with babies and children can rest easy when they reserve these items with their reservations.

3. Matsumuraya

Matsumuraya is a cozy ryokan with a 100-year history and a total of 14 rooms that is located about 15 minutes by bus from Kawagoe Station. It is recommended for those who would like to stay in an authentic Japanese-style ryokan but yet wants to stay close to the city and immerse themselves in the history of Kawagoe!

The beauty of traditional Japanese architecture is on full display, from the courtyard garden with glowing lanterns to the stone-paved floor, wooden window frames, and sliding paper doors. While the space is spectacular to look at, the true tranquility of the inn is brought out best by the serene nature of the seasonal flowers.

Guest rooms are Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats where you can rest, relax and feel the warmth of a home-like atmosphere unlike anywhere else.

In addition to fashionable cafes in the neighborhood, the location is convenient for tourists, offering easy access to Okashi Yokocho and Ichibangai Shopping Street, allowing you to fully enjoy the culinary culture of Kawagoe. 

4. Hatago COEDOYA

Hatago COEDOYA is located about a 6-minute walk from Honkawagoe Station and is within walking distance of  Kawagoe's famous Kurazukuri Machinami Warehouse District and Toki no Kane Bell Tower.

The Western-style exterior of the building is eye-catching, but the interior has a calm, wood-grained design that incorporates the Japanese aesthetic typical of Kawagoe. The shelves are decorated with old-fashioned toys, giving the front desk a playful atmosphere reminiscent of days long ago.

Rooms are available in Western-style rooms with big comfortable beds. Dormitory-type rooms with bunk beds are also a great option for those who want to keep costs down or for those traveling with family or friends. For those who want to keep costs down even further, there is also a shared dormitory-type room which is also a great way to make friends. The dorms are separated into male-only and female-only rooms as well.

The food hall, named "Enmusubi Yokocho," offers a gorgeous array of various restaurants that one would not expect to find inside a hotel. The variety is delightful, including an omelet rice restaurant, a hamburger shop, a candy store, and a restaurant specializing in "chawanmushi" (steamed egg custard).

5. Super Hotel Saitama, Kawagoe

Super Hotel Saitama, Kawagoe is located about 5 minutes on foot from Honkawagoe Station and has 80 free parking spaces, making it convenient for those who are traveling by car.

The large bathhouse, Akagi no Yu, is the pride point of the hotel, and here you can soak away your stress in the hot, natural waters. The onsen water is said to be healing for a number of ailmnets and will soothe both your body and mind.

The rooms are simple and compact, with a uniform white color scheme that is clean and tidy. A unique amenity service allows you to choose the height of your pillow, allowing you to rest in your preferred sleeping comfort even when you are away from home.

The complementary breakfast is a healthy buffet, including salads with lots of organic vegetables. Choose from a variety of Japanese and Western-style dishes to energize your body for the day ahead.


The Candeo Hotels Omiya is located about a 6-minute walk from the west exit of Omiya Station, and although the hotel is located a bit further away from Kawagoe Station, it is recommended for sightseeing in Saitama, as it offers a luxurious stay at a reasonable price.

The front desk is impressive, with a sense of openness thanks to the full-length windows and a chandelier that hangs from the high atrium, reflecting the sparkling light.The front desk is impressive, with a sense of openness thanks to the full-length windows and a chandelier that hangs from the high atrium, reflecting the sparkling light.

Rooms are bright Western-style rooms with large windows and are sleekly decorated with wood-grain furnishings and glass tables. The sofa by the window offers a luxurious view of Saitama's city center, which is especially lovely at night.

The lounge, where the breakfast buffet is served, is a modern space featuring a combination of wood, metal accents, and a marble interior. The menu features handmade Japanese and Western cuisine using carefully selected seasonal ingredients that arrive each morning.

7. Ofuro cafe utatane

Ofuro Cafe Utatane is located about a 10-minute walk from the Tetsudo Hakubutsukan Station on the Saitama New City Transit "New Shuttle," and the concept of this hotel is "a hotel so comfortable that you doze off." Attached to a hot spring bathing facility, when it comes to comfort and relaxation, it’s hard to beat this Kawagoe stay.

The guest rooms incorporate Scandinavian design, highlighting elements of nature and minimalism. Surrounded by soft pastel-colored interiors, you will feel at ease and forget the stress of daily life.

Take a bath and get in the sauna whenever you like and for as long as you like, as the open-air bath is heated by Hakuju no Yu, a famous spring that flows from the Kanna River in Saitama Prefecture. The sodium-rich high chloride salt spring helps with heat retention and is said to relieve sensitivity to cold and fatigue.

The relaxation corner in the hotel is also great for some R&R, as you can spend blissful moments lying in a hammock while reading a comic book. There are also free massage chairs, recliners, and lounging areas for you to relax and unwind.

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8. Tsuki no Yado KAGUYA

Tsuki no yado KAGUYA is located just 13 minutes by bus from Kawagoe Station and a 3-minute walk from the nearest bus stop. Although it is a little further from the bustling Koedo Kawagoe, you can rent a bicycle for sightseeing and cycle around town. The main downtown area can also be reached in just under 10 minutes by car.

The hotel advocates a "simple, smart" approach with a completely automatic check-in/check-out process. No meals are provided, but guests are free to contact partner pizza and sushi restaurants nearby to order food catered to their rooms.

In addition to the ordinary guest rooms, there are luxurious guest rooms with private open-air baths. You can view the moon and the garden from the open-air bath without having to worry about your surroundings, and you can get lost, fully immersing yourself in nature.

In particular, in the Japanese and Western-style rooms, guests can experience a uniquely Japanese stay, with beds on tatami mats with futon mattresses and tatami spaces with "zabuton" cushions for relaxing.

9. Chabudai Guesthouse,Cafe&Bar.

Chabudai Guesthouse,Cafe&Bar is a 13-minute walk from Honkawaue Station. It has been stylishly renovated from a 100-year-old house, making the most of the atmosphere of this precious heirloom from the past.

Under the concept of "Connect, Enjoy, and Expand," they are welcoming travelers as a gateway to the city. The hotel is intentionally designed to function only as a place to stay, refraining from providing meals and other services so that guests are encouraged to go out and explore Kawagoe.

There are two types of rooms: dormitory and private rooms. The gentle glow coming through the shoji screens and the small lights give a sense of peacefulness that only traditional Japanese houses can provide. Lights are completely turned off after 11:00 pm because the house is prone to echoes, making for a quiet and peaceful environment.

The lounge has an open atmosphere where people from all walks of life can easily gather and exchange travel anecdotes. Guests can bring their own food to the garden-facing lounge or cook in the kitchen for a stay that feels as if you were living in a  traditional Japanese-style house.

10. WE HOME STAY Kawagoe, Matoba

WE HOME STAY Kawagoe, Matoba is located about a 3-minute walk from Matoba Station on the JR Kawagoe Line. The property is a traditional Japanese house that is over 100 years old, and it is limited to one group per day. There is no face-to-face interaction with staff, and customer service is minimal so that guests can experience a private and immersive stay.

The spacious Japanese-style room is about 30 square meters and has a sunken hearth, which is rare nowadays. You can create a tasteful memory of your trip by spreading out a cushion on the floor and enjoying yourself after a long day of sightseeing.

The second floor is a Western-style room, and the kitchen is equipped with basic cooking utensils such as a refrigerator and microwave oven. The space was designed to be very functional as if you yourself were indeed living there.

Charcoal for the hearth is provided for the exclusive use of the guest, and it can be used only for searing snacks and warming purposes. Please properly follow the safety instructions and precautions during use for fire prevention.

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In Summary

Kawagoe is a town of tradition and culture, but it is also a town of great relaxation and impeccable hospitality. Why not soak up the afterglow of your sightseeing in Kawagoe at one of these conveniently-located inns where you can truly see just what makes Kawagoe shine?

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