10 Best Sekkisei Products to Buy in 2024

Sekkisei is a renowned Japanese skincare brand popular both in and outside of Japan. Sekkisei’s iconic blue bottles are the favorite skincare solution of many, and their wide variety of products meet all needs. In this article, we’ll introduce our picks for the 10 best Sekkisei products to keep your skin happy throughout the day!

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Sekkisei is household name not only in Japan but also in various countries outside of Japan. This cosmetic brand first started off 20 years ago and still holds strong and they have more than just their miracle toners!

This article will take you through the 10 best Sekkisei products out there. And we'll start off with the first step in our daily skin care routine. 

1. Cleanser

This unconventional cream cleanser uses precious oils from Japanese herbs to give your skin the lightest touch. It works great in removing makeup and it will give your skin the moisture it needs while cleaning it! The jar is 140g, and sold at JPY 3000 (Tax not included).

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2. Facial Wash

There are 2 types of facial wash provided by Sekkisei. This is a type of facial wash that you might have never seen before because it is in powder form. A white soft powder that will remind you of fresh fallen snow. The facial wash is sold at JPY 3000 (Tax not included) for 100g. 

Another type of facial wash that they have is this soft milky wash. Both are suitable for all skin types but you can still get them both and use them alternately. A 140ml bottle is priced at JPY 3000 (Tax not included). 

3. Facial Soap

This facial soap is made from Japanese herb oils and your face will feel all pampered with it. To pamper your body too, you can also get a separate one for your body. 

A 100g bar of soap is sold at JPY 2000 (Tax not included) but if you get the one that comes with a case, you'll have to pay JPY 2200 (Tax not included).

4. Lotion

The 2nd most popular product by Sekkisei will have to be their lotion. And who can say no to this bottle of rich lotion that will keep your skin moist the whole day. Many also love it for its whitening properties. It's sold at 140ml for JPY 5000 (Tax not included).  

5. Cream

Just like their other cosmetic products, their creams are wonderful in keeping your skin moist. If you have never used creams before, you'll fall in love with this right away. A 40g jar of this precious cream is sold at JPY 5000 (Tax not included). 

6. Herbal cream

With this cream, your skin will be having a wonderful spa day. This cream is made of 10 different types of Japanese herbs. Massage it gently into your skin for more youthful and translucent skin! Get a 150g jar at JPY 5000 to give your facial skin the spa day it deserves!

7. Sunblock

There are many who don't like using sunblocks but we are confident that you'll love this little gem! This gel-type sunblock will protect your skin from harmful rays and keep it moist the whole day. It has SPF 50+ and PA++++ properties. There are two sizes to choose from; 80g at JPY 2800 (Tax not included) and 35g at JPY 1400 (Tax not included).

They also have another sunblock on sale that will not leave a sticky touch like most sunblocks do. This milky sunblock has the same SPF50+ and PA++++ properties and it is available in two sizes; 60g for JPY 3000 (Tax not included) and 25g for JPY 1500 (Tax not included). 

Put this on before you start the day to protect your skin from harmful sun rays and for its whitening properties too.

8. Essence

This medicated whitening essence for day use is more than just a bottle of essence because you can use it as a makeup base and sunblock too. This is a must-have for many busy women out there that want to simplify their facial care routine. 

This 50ml medicated skin care product has SPF25 PA+ properties and is sold at JPY 5000 (Tax not included).

9. BB Cream

This miracle 6-in-1 tube will give you the combined effects of essence, lotion, cream, sunblock, makeup base and foundation! Apply some of this onto your skin after applying some makeup base and your skin will look translucent the whole day long. 

There are two colors available. Each 30g tube is sold at JPY 2600 (Tax not included).

10. Loose Powder

Last but not least, we'll have to experience its loose powder. The powder is soft and white just like fresh fallen snow. Your skin will feel light and look translucent throughout the whole day. 11g of powder is sold at JPY 3500 (Tax not included).

Sekkisei products can be bought easily here at major drugstores and each one promises to keep your skin supple and moist the whole day, regardless of the season. Besides the products shown here, there are other products available too from basic skin care ones to makeup products. 

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