Savor Japanese Tradition and the Four Seasons! 10 Accommodations in the Arashiyama Area in Kyoto

Known as one of the most popular areas in Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto, Arashiyama is a major sightseeing spot with numerous temples and shrines that is also famous for its cherry blossoms and autumn foliage. There is plenty to do around the vicinity along the Katsura River, which runs through the center of Arashiyama, such as enjoy the beautiful scenery throughout the four seasons and try out the delicious dishes and drinks from the many Japanese-style teahouses and cafes, as well as Japanese and Western restaurants scattered throughout the area. In this article, we will introduce 10 accommodation facilities where you can have a pleasant and comfortable stay in the Arashiyama area.

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The Arashiyama Area in Kyoto

If you ask about the most famous attraction in Arashiyama, one of Kyoto’s most popular sightseeing spots, you will probably hear Togetsukyo Bridge. The picturesque scenery encompassing the view of Arashiyama and the Togetsukyo Bridge stretching over the Katsura River is truly exquisite, and it is even said that the scenery has remained virtually unchanged since the Heian period (782 - 1184). The Bamboo Forest in Sagano is also a popular scenic spot, making it one of Arashiyama's leading sightseeing attractions along with Togetsukyo Bridge.

Savor Japanese Tradition and the Four Seasons! 10 Accommodations in the Arashiyama Area in Kyoto

1. Hotel Arashiyama

Overlooking the famous Togetsukyo Bridge, Hotel Arashiyama is about a 5-minute walk from Hankyu Arashiyama Station and within a 16-minute walk from the Bamboo Forest, making it the perfect base for visiting Arashiyama and Sagano or for business trips. It also offers services that guests will surely appreciate, including free parking and free bicycle rentals.

There are two types of rooms in this hotel: twin rooms and double rooms. When you open the windows in any of the rooms, you will get to marvel at the views of Arashiyama and the Togetsukyo Bridge in front of you.

At Hotel Arashiyama, you can experience eating traditional Japanese breakfast. If you wish to have dinner at the hotel, a reservation can be placed at Harise, a long-established restaurant in Kyoto, and the food will be delivered to the hotel. 

Staff manning the reception can provide guests with tourist information about the area. There is also a cafe/restaurant and a terrace where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the gorgeous scenery outside.

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2. Hotel Binario Saga Arashiyama

Hotel Binario Saga Arashiyama boasts a convenient location, as it is near JR Saga-Arashiyama Station and Saga Torokko Station. The hotel has free parking, so those sightseeing via car will have no trouble finding a place to park. The adjoining cafe and restaurant are also of premium quality, and there is a large public bath where guests can soak and relax.

The rooms are European-style, featuring beds from Simmons, which is famous for pursuing the ultimate sleep. There is also the choice of Japanese-style rooms, where you can take off your shoes and unwind in the tranquil space.

At the adjoining Nouvelle Japonaise Arashiyama, guests can enjoy Japanese-Western fusion dishes that use fresh seasonal ingredients for breakfast and dinner (lunch is for groups only). A children’s menu can also be provided if requested in advance.

Book & Cafe Tutti inside the hotel is a cafe that was built in collaboration with a bookstore. Inside, there is a selection of high-quality Japanese knickknacks and books. You can have coffee while reading a book or a magazine.

3. Nagi Kyoto Arashiyama

Nagi Kyoto Arashiyama is in a convenient location that is just a 3-minute walk from JR Saga-Arashiyama Station. If you stay here, you can reach the famous Bamboo Grove in about 13 minutes on foot. You can feel the Kyoto-esque atmosphere emanating from every part of this hotel, such as the entrance that features a tastefully decorated garden and the modern Japanese-style rooms with their calm ambiance.

There is a detached room on the 1st floor, and it has been carefully designed by combining Japanese and Western styles. The room comes with a Simmons king-size bed (200 cm x 200 cm), so you can rest comfortably.

The rooms have sizable private bathrooms with spacious bathtubs and showers with good water pressure, so showering and bathing will surely be pleasant. They also provide complimentary toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner.

The area surrounding the hotel is dotted with cafes and restaurants. The hotel has also been gaining rave reviews for its excellent access to other sightseeing spots, with Togetsukyo Bridge within walking distance and the Kawaramachi area at the heart of Kyoto City easily accessible by train or bus.

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4. YADO Arashiyama

Located within a 15-minute walk from the famous, scenic Bamboo Grove, YADO Arashiyama is a hotel where you can spend a fulfilling morning with a solid breakfast spread that is the pride of this hotel. Modern artworks are displayed in the building, and they will make you feel both the tradition and the modernity of Arashiyama, Kyoto. The front desk is open 24 hours a day for the peace of mind of guests.

The rooms are simple and clean. Check-out is at 12:00 noon, so you can get ready at your leisure.

Further inside the building from the entrance, you will see a beautifully designed open kitchen that boasts delectable dishes. The restaurant is open from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm.

For breakfast, which is the hotel’s specialty, you can relish dishes served on small plates that are made with carefully selected ingredients, and dishes where you can fully savor the taste of freshly cooked rice and “dashi” (soup stock).  

5. Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Kyoto

Located in front of the slow-moving Katsura River, Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Kyoto is a luxurious hideaway enveloped in a quiet and calm atmosphere, with a beautiful Japanese garden next to it. Here, guests can explore the surrounding area on a rickshaw.

This hotel has 39 rooms where you can enjoy the natural beauty of Arashiyama. Every room is elegantly and tastefully designed, using traditional Japanese colors that best fit Kyoto. There are 17 rooms, including 4 suites, that have private open-air baths.

There is a private open-air bath that can be used exclusively by hotel guests, filled with water from the Arashiyama Hot Spring that is believed to be effective for various injuries, sore muscles, chronic digestive disorders, sensitivity to cold, and recovery from fatigue. Relax in the spa and enjoy a relaxing time while gazing at the Japanese garden.

The in-house restaurant, Kyo-Suiran, serves not only breakfast and lunch, but for dinner, you can sample creative dishes that mix Japan’s traditional “kaiseki” course cuisine and French cuisine. At Café Hassui, you can drink coffee or tea, or Japanese-style afternoon tea if you make a reservation in advance, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.


MUNI KYOTO is a modern, Zen-inspired accommodation that is found within walking distance from the famous Bamboo Grove. This hotel offers great access to sightseeing spots around Arashiyama, the city center, and major tourist destinations. It is also ideal for those traveling by car because it has its own parking lot.

There are a total of 21 guest rooms that harmonize with Arashiyama’s lush nature and subdued color schemes, including the magnificent natural views and beautiful garden that can be seen from the large windows and terrace and the murmuring sound of the river below. All the rooms at this hotel are characterized by their sense of openness and sense of privacy.

For breakfast, you can enjoy sophisticated dishes at the French restaurant supervised by Alain Ducasse, one of the most famous chefs today. For dinner, you can relish French cuisine made with ingredients from Kyoto.

Some guest rooms have balconies with mountain views. Also popular here are the original spa treatments that use materials produced in Kyoto.

7. The GrandWest Arashiyama

Launched in September 2017, the GrandWest Arashiyama in Kyoto City is a place where you can "stay as if you are home.” All its 10 rooms are spacious modern Japanese-style suites. This hotel is conveniently located in an area that is just a 5-minute walk from Hankyu Arashiyama Station and about a 10-minute walk to the popular Togetsukyo Bridge.

All 10 rooms measure at least 52㎡ in size, so each room is an elegant space where four or more people can stay comfortably. The floor is made of bamboo, which feels nice on your feet. There are also rooms that are covered in relaxing tatami mats. 

For breakfast, you can enjoy an American-style breakfast at the annexed cafe. There is also complimentary coffee, tea, and water available in the lobby.

At the front desk area, there are cozy sofas where anyone can relax. If you look closely, you will see that the light fixtures are shaped like tea whisks that are used when making matcha tea. It goes to show how much thought they put into the design to ensure that guests will have a pleasant time.

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8. Tanimachi-kun, Hoshiya, Tanzan Ryokan

Tanimachi-kun, Hoshiya, Tanzan Ryokan in Shimo-Saga is a traditional Japanese townhouse-style inn. You get to have the whole house, so you can spend time in peace without worrying about your surroundings, making it ideal for trips with large groups or with family. The famous scenic Bamboo Grove is only 1.8 kilometers away, so this inn is an excellent place to stay in if you are going sightseeing around Arashiyama.

All rooms in this inn are spacious 80㎡ rooms with a sophisticated, modern Japanese style. They have beds or Japanese-style mattresses, so you can soothe your weary body in a cozy bedroom.

The private bathroom is equipped with floor heating, so taking a bath in winter will still be a pleasant experience. With its refined Japanese style, you can soak your fatigue away while admiring the garden outside.

Every room is detached from the other rooms and offers a view of the gorgeous garden and the aroma of wood, so you can truly relax. There are tableware, refrigerators, and home appliances in the rooms. With the nearby supermarket, you can buy local ingredients and have fun cooking in your room.


HOTEL ARROWS ARASHIYAMA is a modern Japanese hotel with 16 rooms. There are connecting rooms that are perfect for families and groups, so you can stay in a comfortable and pleasant environment. Accommodation at this hotel does not come with meals, but because of that, you can stay at a reasonable price.

The rooms come with basic amenities such as wardrobes, TVs, refrigerators, private bathrooms, bed linens, and towels. The Superior Twin Room with two rooms connected by an inner door is ideal when traveling in groups.

There are also five bicycles that you can rent for free for a day. Get on a bicycle and pedal away while marveling at the beautiful views of the four seasons. If you want to go to Togetsukyo Bridge, a famous sightseeing spot, it is highly recommended that you take the cycling road running along the Katsura River that is right next to the hotel.

There is a free parking lot for guests coming by car (three spots available, reservation required). From this hotel, Kinkaku-ji Temple is 6.5 kilometers away, while Kyoto International Manga Museum is 7 kilometers away.

10. Kadensho, Arashiyama Onsen, Kyoto

Kadensho, Arashiyama Onsen, Kyoto is an accommodation with a hot spring facility where you can visit multiple hot springs. There are three types of rooms here: “Kyomachiya,” “Kyo-Wafu,” and “Kyo-Modern.” Each room is a relaxing space that was designed with the atmosphere and charms of Kyoto in mind.

Measuring 18㎡ or more, all the rooms are spacious areas filled with Kyoto motifs. They have traditional Japanese designs, utilizing paper sliding doors, latticework, and more. You can choose your preferred “yukata” (light kimono) and pillows to use.

For breakfast, you can enjoy a Japanese set meal featuring Kyoto-style dishes. For dinner, you can go to the restaurant and have an elaborate Kyoto-style kaiseki course meal with side dishes or the order-style buffet of all-you-can-eat piping hot tempura.

There is a stone bath inside the public bath where you can soak in waters from the natural Arashiyama Hot Spring. In addition, there are 5 reservable baths, so you can relax while warming your body and mind.

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Bask in the Essence of Kyoto at These Arashiyama Lodgings

Arashiyama is a special place, even in Kyoto, where the old townscape has remained intact. Famous for its cherry blossoms and autumn foliage, it has been chosen as one of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots and Japan’s Top 100 Autumn Foliage Spots. If you go upstream of Togetsukyo Bridge, which stretches across the Katsura River that flows through the center of Arashiyama, you will find rows of high-end restaurants where you can sample Japan’s traditional dishes. So, when you visit Kyoto, try to stay in Arashiyama to make your trip even more memorable.

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