10 everyday items that can turn you into "Sailor Moon"!

Sailor Moon fans, unite! If you've ever wanted to cosplay as Sailor Moon or you just like the aesthetic, this article is for you. From makeup to underwear, this article will introduce 10 items that are guaranteed to turn you into the next Sailor Moon. Pick up your wallet and get shopping!




Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder Compact

It is a pressed powder that prevents an oily look on your skin, perfect for touching up your makeup. It is formulated with moisturizing ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft and plump. The powder is a glittery pink tone which gives your skin a bright and glossy look. When you open the lid of the compact, a princess floral fragrance spreads gently.


Moon Stick Lipstick

It's made with touches of peach, jojoba oil, and evening primrose oil, and also includes collagen and Vitamin E for healing.


Star Prism Power Eyeliner

There are 2 box sets available, blue box includes the black, blue & white eyeliners, pink box includes the brown, red & white eyeliners. Each box set is limited edition of 2,000. Retail price is 3,465yen. If you live in Japan you can preorder from Premium Bandai. Scheduled release date is December 2013.



Sailor Moon x Peach John Collection

Peach John is one of Japan's main lingerie stores, and they recently released Sailor Moon-themed lingerie sets.

Sailor Moon x Peach John: Costume Lingerie Sets


Peach John x Sailor Moon: Monogrammed Panties

Peach John x Sailor Moon: Patterned Bra Sets


Earrings & Necklaces


We’re getting even more silver & gold Sailor Moon jewelry, this time featuring her Moon Stick, Chibiusa’s Time Key & Sailor Moon’s earrings. As with the other jewelry pieces in this line, everything is 925 silver and 18k gold coating, all the crystals used are Swarovski. Release date for all 3 is late October 2013.


Crystal Star Earrings

Sailor Moon SuperS Brooch Rings



Earphone Jacks

Premium Bandai announced a set of 5 Sailor Moon wand charms today! It features the Moon Stick and the inner senshi transformation wands. They come in a beautiful box so you can display them even if you don’t use them. These have headphone jack plugs so you can decorate your smartphone, tablet, iPod, etc! All 5 charms are made of metal.

Sailor Moon Deluxe My-Chopsticks Collection


That’s right, Bandai will be selling beautifully crafted Sailor Moon chopsticks, and they’ve just started taking pre-orders. The “Sailor Moon Deluxe My-chopsticks Collection”, as the product line has been named, consists of chopsticks decorated in the shape of the magical items from the anime series — that source of enchantment which has captivated the hearts of many a viewer over the years. And as you’ll see, the items have been recreated in quite intricate detail.


The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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