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【1】3331 Arts Chiyoda

8min walk from Akihabara station.

【2】Kiyosumi Shirakawa Gallery Complex

It’s totally free to see all of the amazing contemporary artwork in this building!

8 high-class Japanese contemporary art galleries gathered in one building.
That’s what we call ”Kiyosumi Shirakawa Gallery Complex.”

Gallery list:hiromiyoshii, Taka Ishii Gallery, KIDO Press, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Miyake Fine Art, SPROUT Curation, AI KOWADA GALLERY, Taka Ishii Gallery, SHUGOARTS.

The gallery complex is located near the beautiful Japanese garden ”Kiyosumi Garden.”

【3】tokyo wonder site shibuya

Tokyo Wonder Site is an art center dedicated to the generation and promotion of new art and culture from the heart of Tokyo.


The director of the Mori Art Museum, Fumio Nangyo, was the artistic director of the first and second Singapore biennial.

There is the TOKYO CITY VIEW one floor down from MORI ART MUSEUM and you can see a great view of Tokyo.

【5】Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

This museum introduces photograph and videos to the public. They also hold film festivals, talk shows, and workshops.


Over 100 galleries come to this big show. In addition to over a billion items of new contemporary artworks, you can see many beautiful antiques, crafts, and Japanese style paintings.


Held twice a year in fall and spring, GEISAI is an art event started in 2002 by Takashi Murakami.

Takashi Murakami is one of the most popular Japanese artists in the world.