The 10 Best Accessible, Wheelchair Friendly Hotels in Japan

Don't know where to look for accessible hotels in Japan? If you're with family or friends that need to use a wheelchair, it can bring great peace of mind to know the hotel you're staying at is wheelchair friendly. This article gets rid of any fear you may have by introducing 10 amazing Japanese hotels that just so happen to also be wheelchair friendly!

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1. Ochimizu no Yu Tsutaya (Nishimurayama, Yamagata)

Room options at Tsutaya include single rooms as well as Japanese-style rooms with beds and recessed heated floor seating. It serves shojin ryori (Japanese vegetarian cuisine with its roots in Buddhist dietary principles) and local Yamagata cuisine made from locally-grown vegetables, meat, and fish. You'll be sure to enjoy immersing yourself in the local culture and history during your stay here.

2. Urabandai Kogen-Hotel (Yama, Fukushima)

Located close to Urabandai's popular sightseeing spots Goshiki-numa and Lake Hibara, you'll feel energized by the power of nature while staying at Urabandai Kogen-Hotel. This hotel has a charming interior accented by views of the lush natural surroundings and serves authentic French cuisine made with seasonal produce. You're sure to be satisfied by the sense of the seasons and the refreshing country air during your stay here.

3. Kahou: Koshinosato Annex (Shibata, Niigata)

Kahou: Koshinosato Annex maintains the tradition and hospitality of the main Kahou hotel while offering an attractive blend of privacy and excellent hotel services. Ease your mind and relax your body as you soak in an open-air hot spring with a view of the rustic fields outside.

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4. Shinyu No Yado Sazana (Higashi Izu, Fukuoka)

Relax to the sound of the waves breaking along the expansive Izu Inatori coastline at this resort and spa. Ocean-view rooms designed based on universal design principles are available so that everyone can enjoy their stay. Spend your time however you like as you relax and go with the flow here.

5. Matsui-Honkan (Kyoto, Kyoto)

Centrally located on Shijo Street in Kyoto, Matsui-Honkan celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2013 by reopening after renovations. Decorated in a beautiful Japanese style, these comfortable rooms are a relaxing place to spend time. Guests can also enjoy genuine Kyoto-style kaiseki meals served in your own room here.

6. Kyoto Tokyu Hotel (Kyoto, Kyoto)

Kyoto Tokyu Hotel is located behind Nishi Hongan-ji Temple in the Horikawa Gojo area, a quiet corner of Kyoto that is rich with the atmosphere of this ancient capital. There are 430 rooms to choose from that cater to a range of people. These sophisticated spaces are designed with the concept of enjoying Japanese style. Your time here is sure to be both elegant and relaxing.

7. Hotel Hanakoyado (Kobe, Hyogo)

This chic hot spring hotel is the smallest in Arima, and calls to mind the old Arima Onsen custom of hotels that were exclusively for international visitors. Guests can fully enjoy the Arima hot spring water in elegant goemonburo (cauldron baths) or unique private baths decorated with mermaid mosaics. Hanakoyado leads the way in making their hot springs barrier-free with the aim of allowing everyone to enjoy the charms of Arima Onsen.

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8. Umiiro-Yunoyado Shogetsu (Yonago, Tottori)

This hotel features both Kaike Onsen hot spring water and beautiful views of the Japan Sea. Kaike Onsen water, called "hot salt water", is known for being good for health. This ryokan has rooms with open-air baths looking out onto panoramic sea views as well as detached private hot springs to relax in. The meals served here are creative Japanese kaiseki dishes made with seasonal ingredients. Enjoy the Sanin region's fresh seafood and mountain harvests!

9. Oriental Hills Okinawa (Kunigami, Okinawa)

Located on luxurious 20,000 sq.m. grounds surrounded by the Onna forests, this resort is made up of 14 standalone luxury suites. With a private pool by each suite, these brightly-colored private spaces are of the highest quality. Take your time to relax your body and mind as you take in the beautiful natural views and sea breeze from the nearby ocean.

10. Okinawa Marriot Resort and Spa (Nago, Okinawa)

Okinawa Marriot Resort and Spa was opened in 2005 in Nago as part of the Marriot Hotel brand, which is trusted all over the world. Each spacious room has ocean views, so you can enjoy the sight of the blue horizon of the East China Sea and the colors of the ocean dyed by the setting sun. Don't miss the All Star Buffet for breakfast!

Translated and republished with permission from: Relux Magazine

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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